How we doubled Slite’s product signups in just 3 months

How we doubled Slite’s product signups in just 3 months


Slite signed up to our SEO Management service and we increased their monthly product signups by 120% and their clicks by 190%, from non-branded organic search, in just 3 months.

120% Increase in 
organic signups
195% Increase in 
visit > signup conversion rates
190% Increase in 
organic traffic


The online collaboration space is competitive with players such as Notion, Coda, and Slab battling to be category leader. Slite recently secured a $11m Series A and were looking to create an inflection in their growth trajectory through validating SEO as a scalable acquisition channel. Given other players in the market are not currently investing in SEO, this represented a blue ocean opportunity that we could take advantage of.


First, we analyzed Slite’s current set up and market in order to build a solid, scalable and winning SEO strategy.

Second, we built a model to understand the potential # monthly signups Slite could achieve through SEO, and a plan of action for each page by understanding conversion rates by intent, and the competitiveness of each topic. We placed our bets on a handful of existing and new pages to scale SEO and get results fast.

Third, we modified Slite’s website architecture to build a scalable content system, and performed on-page optimizations using SEO best practices and other techniques.

Fourth, we built dozens of high-quality links on the pages where we had hedged our bets.

Fifth, we set up and ran several high-impact A/B tests through Google Optimize to increase the visit->signup conversion rate.


In just 3 months we were able to double signups and triple visitors from non-branded SEO. We also increased the visit->signup conversion rates by up to 195% on some sections of the website.

We scored high for competitive keywords such as “meeting minutes” which has a global search volume of 46k and we achieved position #4 worldwide in less than 3 months.

As a result, Slite validated SEO as a key channel for their unicorn growth path and are now investing heavily in it.

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