How Perkbox Reached a £110 Cost Per Opp in just 10 Months

How Perkbox Reached a £110 Cost Per Opp in just 10 Months


When Perkbox UK signed up to Skale’s SEO Management service they were able to increase organic non-brand SQLs by 102%, Opps by 40%, and reach a cost per opp of just £110. The Skale team achieved this by focusing on technical SEO, backlinking, optimizing old content, and creating new high-intent product-led content.

£110 cost per Opp
40% increase in Opps
102% 102% increase in SQLs

The growth challenge

Perkbox UK operates with a sales-led approach—targeting medium to large companies with an employee benefits solution. Search volumes in this market are relatively low, since the ICP doesn’t switch providers often (annual contracts are the norm), but deal value is high. That means it’s critical to get in front of Perkbox’s target market when they’re searching for a solution.

In April 2021, Perkbox started with good brand awareness in the UK market, and with a baseline of organic traffic. Most non-brand organic traffic was low intent, with a low conversion rate to SQLs and opportunities. In order to scale cost-effectively, Perkbox needed to rank for higher intent keywords that indicate their ICP needs their solution imminently.

The Skale solution

Skale’s strategy to grow Perkbox’s organic SEO channel included:

  • Detailed keyword research & content planning
  • Optimizing existing content
  • Creating new landing pages & blog articles
  • A technical SEO analysis
  • High-quality link building

How did the team go about it? 

Firstly, Skale analyzed their existing position to create a roadmap for how to make the most impact in the shortest amount of time.

The team were able to find quick wins by re-optimizing existing landing pages around a more appropriate keyword.

“One example of this was their platform page. Important on-page factors like the meta title & h1 were optimized around ‘employee experience platform’, which have less than 10 searches per month in the UK. 

Since this page already had lots of strong backlinks, when we re-optimized for ‘employee benefits platform’, a keyword with almost 200 searches per month, we ranked overnight and saw a quick increase in SQLs & Opps.”—Ryan Prior, SEO Growth Strategy, Skale.

Ensuring technical foundations was another focus during the early stages of Skale’s SEO roadmap. The team conducted an audit, but more importantly, we prioritized the issues and clearly laid out an action plan. 

Detailed task briefs were prepared for Perkbox’s development agency to make SEO improvements related to site structure, core web vitals, internal linking, image optimizations and more.

Skale also conducted detailed keyword research to assess and prioritize the SEO opportunities, and put together a quarterly content plan.

“Our content plan prioritizes high-intent keywords that help ICPs to discover Perkbox at the right time. Examples include ‘Employee discount scheme’, ‘employee wellbeing programmes’, and ‘employee wellbeing initiatives’.  

With detailed content briefs, on-page optimizations, and link building, these pages now rank at number one on Google UK for their target keywords, and they reliably generate SQLs and Opps every month. 

We’ve also built strong topical authority with content clusters in key areas like employee wellbeing, employee discounts, and more.”—Ryan Prior, SEO Growth Strategy, Skale.
Every month, Skale builds quality backlinks to Perkbox’s target pages. These come from websites with relevant authority on topics like: employee wellbeing, employee recognition, employee retention, and more. Backlinks enabled the team to compete in the top spots for higher volume, higher competition keywords—by building topical authority.

The Results

10 months after kickstarting Skale’s SEO work with Perkbox, non-brand organic clicks increased by 49.2%. Meanwhile, because we focused on organic CRO & high-intent keywords, non-brand organic SQLs have increased by 102%, Opportunities increased by 40%, and we reached a cost per opp of just £110.

As a result, SEO continues to be an increasingly important channel for growth, and plans are taking place to roll out similar SEO projects in other countries to take the Perkbox brand global.

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