How Skale is different

Here are 8 ways Skale is different to the average SEO agency.
How Skale is different
Italo Viale
by Italo Viale

1. We prioritize driving business KPIs

Increasing rankings and traffic is important, but we care a lot more about driving real business KPIs such as SQLs, qualified signups and new MRR. Most SEO agencies simply don’t get this – they are too worked up about rankings and traffic.

At Skale, we don’t get excited by ranking increases or traffic gains, although good leading indicators of success, if there isn’t any business impact.

No increase in SQLs/qualified signups from SEO = no party.

2. We have in-house SaaS experience

Our team has real SaaS experience, since 2015, as Growth leaders at some of the world’s fastest growing SaaS companies.

If you want to scale your SaaS SEO channel, you need to work with a SaaS SEO agency that has actually driven growth at SaaS brands before. We understand SaaS Marketing metrics, SaaS-specific SEO strategies, and SaaS marketing & product growth strategies.

For example we helped drive SEO growth at Typeform from 0 -> 30,000+ new monthly product signups from non-branded SEO. As a result, they are driving 700+ new subscriptions every month from SEO.

3. You don’t just get a links spreadsheet at the end of the month

Most SEO agencies will simply send you a spreadsheet with the links they achieved at the end of each month. Then it’s up to you to determine if your investment was worth it or not and what the business impact was.

At Skale, we create an in-depth monthly report, not just listing the SaaS related backlinks we achieved, but also looking at the MoM impact on rankings, traffic, and leads/signups to the pages we have been focusing on. We then analyze and propose where to build links in the upcoming month to have the biggest impact on your SEO KPIs.

Want to see a sample report? Schedule a call with us

4. We model SEO

Most SEO or SaaS link building agencies give you a spreadsheet with keywords and search volumes. Pretty useless if you can’t anticipate how you’ll drive actual business impact.

We work with you to build an SEO model in order to understand:

  • What the real potential is for leads/signups and thus new MRR
  • How to prioritize link building each month for maximum impact on results (effort vs. reward)
  • What the 12-month ROI is from our monthly SEO investment.

The model includes page-level data on traffic potential, funnel metrics (e.g. visit->signup CVR %) based on intent or awareness stage, number of links to build for top rankings, monthly sign up potential per page, etc.

Want to see an example model? Lets’ chat.

5. We care about topical relevance

Topical authority is what really matters in SEO. You need both high domain topical authority and high page topical authority. This is the recipe for SEO success.

So when we select which websites to partner up with, we check what keywords they are ranking for. We don’t work with sites that are ranking for keywords related to topics such as gambling, torrents, porn, gaming, etc.

We combine utilising the relationships we have already built with running bespoke outreach campaigns to find websites within the right niches that will move the needle on your SEO results. We also ensure they are good enough to future-proof your search positions.

Lower quality non-topical relevant links could work now, but you run the risk of them becoming irrelevant with every Google algorithm update. Simply don’t leave it to chance.

6. Get results within 3 months, not 18

A lot of SEO agencies make you sign lengthy contracts, with penalties if you want to drop out, and keep telling you that SEO is a long-term game which takes 1 year+ to see results. If they don’t get results, they use the lagging nature of SEO as an excuse to keep billing.

It’s proven from studies that actually the average time to see SEO impact is 3-months. You can also look in Ahrefs and see how long it took your competition to rank.

But what do we mean by “results”, here? It can meaning increasing signups or simply seeing big ranking leaps, depending on a number of factors such as keyword difficulty and your current topical page and domain authority.

With our monthly reports, we will detail the impact that we have had on your SEO channel. Every month you’ll see positive progress.

7. We balance short, mid and long term wins

In SaaS we always need to balance short-term results but at the same time be building our channels for long-term growth.

The board is pressuring us to hit our MRR targets each month, but we know that SEO is a channel which compounds over time. As a result, we can fall into the “growth hacking” trap of only focusing on short-term wins and we never end up truly growing our channel into its full potential.

This is because the high intent keywords which will bring in 80% of the MRR are the most difficult which will take months to rank in top positions. And the other 20% are quicker wins that we can impact a lot faster. If we only work on these quick wins, then we are only reaching 20% of the potential of our SEO channel.

At Skale, each month we will work together in order to ensure we aren’t just trying to impact the short-term wins, but also keep chipping away at the longer-term rocks.

8. We give back to the world

We believe in giving back to the world, and that businesses should be vehicles for massive change. This means for every Skaler in our team we plant trees, compensate CO2 emissions, support rainforest protection organizations, and do other projects such as clean energy investments. You can learn more about this initiative here.

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