Skale’s mission to help fight climate change


For every employee we have, we:

🌳 Plant 3 trees per month

✈️ Offset 5.08 tonnes of CO2 per year

👮🏻 Help protect several hectares of rainforest, and

⚡️ Support different projects across the globe, from renewable energy to research

More? Sure! We plant a tree for every client backlink we create on top of this number! 

We believe that if we take care of the planet, it will take care of us. We’re doing this via our tree planting initiative and donating to validated NGOs operating in some of the most vulnerable places on Earth.

To achieve this goal, we are very proud to have partnered with Regreener—dedicated to helping businesses like ours plant trees and support green projects. 

They also raise awareness about the importance of fighting climate change, deforestation, and the destruction of protected habitats and offer businesses like ours a simple sustainability solution.

Want to learn more about our efforts? Start here 👇🏼

How are we doing?

Since partnering with Regreener, we’ve:

Why Regreener?

We’re aligned. Regreener supports those NGOs that are really trying to make an impact on climate change. They work with their partnering NGOs to let us know the progress we’re helping to make. 

Businesses often shy away from green projects for fear of not being able to report on them or get an overview of their progress. However, this is not the case with Regreener. Together we’re helping and reporting on: 

  • Tree planting 
  • Rainforest conservation 
  • Green energy & renewables 
  • Green research and development 

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