A day in the life of an SEO Growth Strategist!

A day in the life of an SEO Growth Strategist!
Gemma Hislop
by Gemma Hislop

Meet Gus, SEO Growth Strategist at SaaS SEO agency: Skale. Come and say hi!

What is involved in Growth Strategy, and what does someone that works as a Growth Strategist at Skale actually do? We’re answering this, plus the lifestyle of the role within a remote agency, in this article.

Let’s get to know him.

Meet an SEO Growth Strategist!

Tell us a little bit about you!

Hello! I’m Gus, currently based in Cape Town, South Africa and luckily working remotely for Skale!

My role at Skale is SEO Growth Strategist, which gives me the opportunity to work with a set of talented team members but also some exciting brands across a multitude of industries. Working with the team and clients that I do, I am often challenged which allows me to grow and gain a wider set of experiences.

Great to meet you, Gus! Tell us what you enjoy most about your role at Skale?

What I love most about working at Skale is that my clients are spread across multiple industries which means no days are the same but more importantly, I get to sharpen my tools and gain experience by the unique challenges that each of my clients present.

Another aspect that I love in my role is the collaborative conversations I get to have with my clients. It means that I can become an extension of their company and we forge long lasting relationships with growth in mind.

Sounds good! How does Skale work differently from SEO agencies?

In my several years in the SEO space, I have worked at a host of different agencies and Skale definitely trumps them all by prioritising the client. As I previously mentioned, I love becoming an integral part of my clients marketing team and that´s how Skale really adds value.

Then, the team I am fortunate to work with – a team that is incredibly smart but, more importantly, always looking to help & collaborate to deliver the best possible results for our clients and ourselves.

Amazing! Final question: which is your favourite employee benefit Skale offers?

My favourite benefit is the investment in my growth as a team member. Being able to grow and build my knowledge has always been a goal and at Skale, that is a priority and amplified when working with the team that I do.

My other favourite benefit is the dedication to creating the company culture that we have. Working in a remote environment has its challenges but, the culture that has been built at Skale, has allowed us to forge a community and create a sense of belonging as though we are in the same room.

That’s all folks!

Thanks for taking the time to meet Gus. We hope you found this a great insight into what life is like here at Skale, as well as what it’s like to be an SEO Growth Strategist!

As you’ve probably learned, SEO agency life is very different from in-house. So, if you’re ready to take your SEO expertise to an agency, then maybe Skale is the right fit for you. Keep track of our careers page for updates. 

Until next time!

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