How we helped SaaS king Nathan Latka dethrone top brands

How we helped SaaS king Nathan Latka dethrone top brands


Nathan Latka signed up to our SEO Management service and we increased his organic traffic by 568% in 12 months, dethroning giants such as Owler, Crunchbase, and Profitwell.

568% Increase in 
organic traffic
1000s SaaS keywords ranked
100s Competitors dethroned

The business challenge

Nathan Latka wanted to find a way to not only attract a SaaS audience to his website but also compete against company insights databases such as Owler and Crunchbase to capture people looking for information regarding the 1000s of SaaS companies he has interviewed on his podcast-come-database.

This posed a serious ask because SaaS-related keywords are extremely competitive given giants such as ProfitWell, PriceIntelligently, and Neil Patel are competing in the space.

The SEO Solution

First, Skale analyzed Nathan’s current setup and market in order to build a solid, scalable, and winning SEO strategy.

Second, Skale did an in-depth technical audit of Nathan’s website and built a developer-friendly plan for his engineering team to implement—prioritizing actions that would seriously move the needle on organic search growth.

Third, Skale did extensive keyword research in order to build a 12-month SaaS content marketing plan, and then executed this plan utilizing his proprietary SaaS data to skyscraper competitors.

Third, Skale ran a “Top SaaS Companies” ranking campaign to build SaaS-specific links back to his domain.

Fourth, the team here did custom outreach to tech brands to continue building links, given the competitiveness of the SaaS niche. This way, crucial to actually turn SEO into a predictable channel of new qualified traffic.

The business results

In 12 months the team was able to increase qualified organic clicks by 568%, dethroning giants such as Owler & Crunchbase for high intent keywords like “Typeform revenue”, “Loom revenue”, and “Semrush revenue”.

The scored page number one positions for competitive keywords such as “ARR”, “ARPU”, “run rate”, “revenue growth”, and “renewal rate”. As a result, Nathan is now scaling SEO as his key growth channel.

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