How Skale Helped Happy Scribe reach 70,000 organic signups with revenue-driven link building

How Skale Helped Happy Scribe reach 70,000 organic signups with revenue-driven link building


Happy Scribe signed up to our premium Link Building service in 2021 and since then Skale has contributed to an impressive 2500% increase in their organic signups!

But let’s skip fancy percentages and talk about the real deal!

In November 2023, Happy Scribe achieved a milestone of 70,000 signups on pages targeted through our link building efforts (compare this to February 2021 when they achieved 2700 signups)!

Should we highlight the fact that, thanks to investments in link building and other strategically important acquisition channels, their cost per signup decreased from €7.15 in 2021 to €0.08 by the end of 2023? 🔥

25x increase in organic product signups
102x decrease in the Cost per Signup
99x decrease in the Customer Acquisition Cost

Before partnering up with Skale

Happy Scribe is an Audiovisual Language Platform, enabling media brands, traditional language service providers and corporates around the world to scale their audiovisual language needs with ease. By combining language experts with state of the art AI, Happy Scribe helps teams securely manage contributors, streamline collaboration, and produce high-quality transcriptions, subtitles, and closed captions at speed.

They came to Skale looking to externalise their off-page SEO efforts—in both English and Spanish—with a trusted SEO partner who has deep experience working in the SaaS niche. Happy Scribe didn’t want to simply increase rankings, but focus on driving organic product signups and increasing new MRR.

They understood the importance of having an ‘always-on’ link-building program was paramount to driving success in scaling their SEO customer acquisition channel. 

And that’s when we stepped in to help with securing some revenue-driving links. To be precise, we’ve secured 558 of them so far!

Skale Strategy Insights

To begin with, we worked with Happy Scribe to identify the highest priority pages for driving business value. 

We identified pages where the top ranking competitors had more backlinks than Happy Scribe and modelled how many high-quality backlinks we would need in order to compete with them.

The Skale Off-Page team also modelled signup and new MRR potential per page to determine how we could drive the most impact with the smallest number of links and as rapidly as possible.

We then prioritised the target pages, carefully put together a diversified anchor text profile, and started securing links on a monthly basis, while monitoring and making adjustments as needed.

Here’s an example of a high-quality link secured for Happy Scribe’s Audio to Text Converter Page:

Happy Scribe - Link Building

Partner website stats: DR – 61, average organic domain traffic – 35k

“When it comes to link building, Happy Scribe is a very interesting challenge for our team. Due to versatility, we had just enough freedom to locate some really amazing opportunities. But we made sure that all the placements were contextual and natural. Relevancy is always the key in link building so we were always getting back to the first steps, ensuring the organic placement.”

Elena Hristovska, Off-Page Team Lead @ Skale

One of the key ingredients of our link-building strategy is creating topically relevant content to pitch to authoritative websites in the marketing niche—focussing on the core use cases and personas that completed their job using Happy Scribe.

And last but not least, we continuously collaborated with Happy Scribe’s SEO team to implement on-page improvements. This included enhancing meta titles and managing internal linking. The team ensured that off-page SEO worked seamlessly with on-page SEO to maximise client’s business impact.

Happy Scribe’s results since partnering with Skale

Happy Scribe - Payback Period Months

Happy Scribe’s Perspective

Thanks to Skale’s link-building efforts, Happy Scribe has not only witnessed an improvement in rankings but, more significantly, a substantial increase in sign-ups and new MRR with a CAC payback period of less than 1 week. 

Additionally, Skale consistently suggests content and technical SEO enhancements. According to Happy Scribe, Skale consistently meets deadlines and provides comprehensive reporting through Slack and virtual meetings.
But don’t just take our word for it, see what Niek, the SEO Manager at Happy Scribe, said about our partnership.

Key Takeaways

Top results only come from quality links built on well-thought out strategies – Don’t just go after links, as it’s not the quantity but the quality that counts. 

Always collaborate with the best websites – Great partners contribute to exceptional results, so be selective about who you collaborate with.

Secure links to key MRR-driving pages – Choose an agency that uses strategic thinking to help you in identifying and securing links to key pages that can have the most impact on driving revenue for your business.

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