How Happy Scribe hit a €1 CPA in just 5 months

How Happy Scribe hit a €1 CPA in just 5 months


Happy Scribe signed up to our SaaS Link Building service and we increased their monthly signups by 127% and their clicks by 73%, from non-branded organic search to target pages, in just 5 months. This meant that we reached a cost per signup of just €1.

73% increase in clicks
127% increase in signups
€1 cost per signup

The SaaS challenge

Happy Scribe is in the online transcription space. Most players are traditional transcription agencies. As a result, their online SaaS is scaling rapidly on the Unicorn Path by digitally transforming an entire industry.

Happy Scribe came to Skale looking to externalize their off-page SEO efforts—in both English and Spanish,—with a trusted SEO partner who has deep experience working in the SaaS niche. Happy Scribe didn’t want to simply increase rankings, but focus on driving product signups.

They understood that having an ‘always-on’ link-building program was paramount to driving success in their SEO customer acquisition channel.

The SEO strategy solution

First, the Skale team built a model to understand the potential number of monthly sign-ups & traffic Happy Scribe could achieve through SEO based on their existing content. The team then coupled this with difficulty (the number of referring domains required) in order to create a prioritized list of efforts that can create impact.

The team then decided to take an intensive approach to link-building efforts by focusing on two key Happy Scribe pages each month. This way, the team knew they’d achieve results much faster.

Thirdly, Skale created topically relevant content that they pitched to authoritative websites in the marketing niche—focussing on the core use cases and personas that completed their job using Happy Scribe.

Lastly, the team at Skale worked with Happy Scribe’s SEO team to make on-page improvements. For example, improving meta titles and managing internal linking. The team ensured that off-page SEO was working in harmony with on-page SEO in order to maximize business impact.

The business results

In just five months Skale was able to achieve a cost per sign-up of €1.00. This included Skale’s fees divided by the net new signups acquired through the SEO initiative.

How did Skale achieve this?

“We focused on the jobs to be done that key buyer personas were looking to hire when creating content for high-quality & topically relevant domains. This was our recipe for success!”

Jake Stainer, Co-founder @ Skale
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