How Maze Skaled Their Monthly Organic Signups by More Than 283% in Under 6 Months

How Maze Skaled Their Monthly Organic Signups by More Than 283% in Under 6 Months


Maze took their SEO game to the next level by upgrading from our SaaS link building service to our SEO Management service


The results speak for themselves: in less than 6 months, we almost tripled product signups, and doubled their product signup conversion rate. We then targeted UX and UI design search results, positioning Maze as the go-to source with their in-depth guides and collections.

4x increase in organic visits through non branded queries
3x increase in organic product signups from non-branded SEO
2x increase in signup conversion rate

The growth challenge

Back in December 2020, the Maze team reached out to us, intending to build an SEO growth machine in 2021. They had a couple of thousand visitors coming through their blog, but product conversion was low and visitors weren’t the right match to key product use cases, so their existing SEO strategy wasn’t driving MRR. 

This being said, we identified various opportunities to start positioning Maze as a top player on key topic clusters and drive BoFu impact at scale.

The Skale solution

First, we created an SEO growth model and forecast, focusing on the key clusters that matched Maze’s most successful use cases and product-market fit. 

This included a monthly breakdown of potential traffic and signups, based on link velocity and topical authority on subjects like UX research, UI design and Product Management. We also set up a goal of sign-ups per month to hit by the end of November 2021. 

Secondly, we created a framework to prioritize initiatives based on signup potential, search intent, and resources (e.g., content budget, link budget, etc.). Then, we started executing our SEO initiatives alongside their demand generation team, which included:

  • Creating new content clusters and properly sculpting by contextual linking
  • Repurposing existing content to match better search intent and win featured snippets
  • Delivering an in-depth technical audit to help them nail Core Web Vitals and improve user experience with revamped design for their content pages
  • Building more than 200 backlinks from relevant and high-quality sites in the Web design and Marketing niches
  • Delivering CRO recommendations to improve their CTAs and match better search intent

The Results

In just six months, we helped Maze almost triple their organic product signups from non-branded SEO and quadruple the organic visits that they get through non-branded queries. We also contributed to their signup conversion rate improvement, which doubled from April 2021 to November 2021.

In the SEO industry, Maze is now considered a reference for how to build top-notch topic clusters and win highly competitive search results versus seasoned players like HotJar or Usability Geek.

Our next step in the journey with Maze is to expand to other content verticals and keep conquering new challenges that bring even more product signups and new business MRR.

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