How Attest 8.5x’d Organic Product Signups Year-on-Year

How Attest 8.5x’d Organic Product Signups Year-on-Year


When Attest signed up to Skale’s SEO Management they were able to increase organic product signups by 8.5x by focusing on technical SEO, backlinking, optimizing old content, and creating new content.

8.5x increase in non-brand organic product signups
1.5x increase in non-brand organic traffic

The growth challenge

Attest operates in a competitive market alongside big players like Qualtrics and SurveyMonkey. They’re also up against global content giants like HubSpot who are publishing content with hundreds of backlinks in Attest’s key topic areas like market research.

Attest already had a reasonable amount of non-brand organic traffic, but it came from low intent topics and rarely converted into sign-ups. In order to scale cost-effectively, Attest needed a reliable inbound engine to drive organic sign-ups every month. They turned to Skale. 

Skale’s SEO solution

Skale’s strategy to kickstart and scale Attest’s organic SEO channel included:

  • Detailed keyword research & content planning
  • Optimizing existing content
  • Creating new landing pages & blog articles
  • A technical SEO analysis
  • High-quality SaaS link building

How did the team go about it? 

Firstly, Skale analyzed their existing position and created a roadmap for how to make the most impact in the shortest amount of time.

Early in the roadmap, the Skale team worked to ensure technical SEO foundations were in place; things like site structure and core web vitals were a must. Although this is how the SEO growth plan started, it’s an evergreen initiative. 

Skale also analyzed existing content and conducted detailed keyword research to assess and prioritize the SEO opportunities.

“Our content plan prioritizes high-intent keywords. Examples include ‘market research tools,’ or ‘how to measure brand awareness.’ 

With detailed content briefs, on-page optimizations, and link building, these pages now rank at number one on Google for their target keywords, and they reliably generate sign-ups. 

We’ve also built strong topical authority with content clusters in key areas like market research, brand awareness, brand perception, and more.”—Ryan Prior, SEO Growth Strategy, Skale.

Every month, Skale built quality backlinks to Attest’s target pages. These come from websites with relevant authority on topics like: consumer research, branding, market analysis, and more. Backlinks enabled the team to compete in the top spots for higher volume, higher competition keywords.

The final results

Year over year, organic product signups have increased by 8.5x for Attest. Meanwhile, non-brand organic traffic increased by 1.85x.

Attracting the right ICP with high-intent keywords meant that the team at Skale was able to generate traffic with a drastically higher conversion rate than the previous average. Working on CRO for key pages led to more conversions from existing content too.

As a result, SEO continues to be an increasingly important growth channel going in 2022 for Attest.

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