How Rezi Increased Their Revenue by 176% in Just Four Months

How Rezi Increased Their Revenue by 176% in Just Four Months


Our partnership started with Skale’s Strategic SaaS SEO Consultancy service, but after our initial competitor analysis and initial work, Rezi decided to move over to full SEO Management, adding link building into the growth engine.

This allowed us to start building their organic revenue engine from all angles.

Rezi is the Leading AI Resume Builder. A perfect resume, no writing required.

Rezi were looking to drive their SEO growth forward—and were struggling to see results with past efforts. They came to Skale to help them significantly ramp up their SEO growth. The focus? Driving sign-ups and revenue; simple. Right? 


2x customer signups from non-branded SEO
176% increase in revenue
33% decrease in churn rate

The growth challenge

  • Limited SEO resources
  • Lack of guidance
  • Low-to-no backlinks

The Skale solution

First, Skale analysed Rezi’s current SEO content pages and hubs to determine topical authority and create a solid SEO growth strategy.

Once the team reviewed the platform, we created a tailored onboarding plan followed by an aggressive SEO growth strategy that comprised of the following:

  • Prioritised a blend of high-potential, longer-term projects as well as strong, lower-competition terms to kick-start impact while driving sustained growth.
  • A wealth of on-page optimisations and an in-depth technical audit 
  • Fleshed out an exhaustive list of keywords which helped guide goal-hitting content briefs
  • Provided internal link structure optimisations
  • Audited the Rezi template gallery structure with recommendations
  • Building on and optimising the ‘cover letter’ content cluster across the range of intent levels to establish topical authority and drive sign-ups & traffic. As well as faster rankings with fewer links required.
  • Spotted opportunities for optimising the user journey – for example, some CTAs led to the login page, not the signup page. This was a quick win to improve signups
  • In the second month of our growth efforts, we noted an opportunity for accelerated growth by including link building activities. The focus of our link building was to follow our broader growth plan and target the ‘cover letter’ cluster to build authority. Link building and internal linking optimizations acted as a growth lever accelerating the results for Rezi.

The Results

In 4 months, Skale helped Rezi 2x customer signups from non-branded SEO and  grow their revenue by 2.75x or 176%. The Skale team also helped to decrease their Churn rate by 33%. All in four months. 

Together, the teams at Skale and Rezi have been focused on improving the site structure towards their ICP, and delivering an always-on experience around a singular topic cluster. 

By focusing all our efforts on this cluster, we were able to skyrocket visibility and drive considerable revenue growth. We will continue to work with Rezi on optimising the other topic clusters, from top to bottom, with the goal of continuing this growth trajectory across the entire site.

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