How Moonpay Ranked For Highly Competitive Crypto Keywords With Link Building

How Moonpay Ranked For Highly Competitive Crypto Keywords With Link Building


When Moonpay signed up to Skale’s SaaS Link Building, they were able to increase non-brand organic clicks from 0 to 7k+ per month to key transactional pages between March and November 2021. We built 80+ natural backlinks via outreach and content collaborations, and achieved several top positions for highly competitive keywords like ‘Buy USDT’, ‘Buy USDC’, and ‘Buy Ethereum with credit card’.


0 to 7K+ non-brand organic clicks per month

The growth challenge

The crypto space is highly competitive. In order to rank for high-intent B2C keywords such as ‘buy ethereum with credit card’ or ‘buy USDT’, we needed to outrank huge players like Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, and others.

The industry also moves very fast, with search volumes rapidly changing and new trends appearing. We needed to focus on evergreen keywords (rather than fads), while capturing emerging keywords when the opportunities arise.

The Skale solution

In order to compete for these high-difficulty keywords, Skale built high-quality backlinks to Moonpay’s target URLs every month. The process included:

  •  Prospecting for websites with relevant topical authority in the cryptocurrency niche
  • Vetting websites for the quality of their content, a clean backlink profile, and to ensure they meet minimum criteria like Domain Rating and domain traffic volumes
  • Researching and pitching content collaboration ideas which align the publisher’s content goals with our link building goals
  • Creating quality content for publishing partners that contains contextually relevant links to Moonpay’s pages

We varied anchor texts using phrase match, diversified, and branded anchors. We also used exact match anchors sparingly where safe, natural, and effective.

Here’s one example of a link built for Moonpay’s Binance Coin (BNB) page:


“Coindoo is a DR58 website with over 1,000 pages of highly relevant content on cryptocurrency, finance, and web 3.0 topics, ranking for over 19k keywords according to Ahrefs. By contributing content on ‘Best Binance Wallets’ to their blog, we were able to secure Moonpay a great backlink to their Binance Coin page, while offering real value to the publisher.” – Ryan Prior, SEO Growth Strategist

“Thanks to very topical content pieces, plus high quality and relevant referring domains carefully selected by our team such as, we managed to rank our most competitive keyword in #1 in only 7 months.
As a result, it enabled MoonPay to 256x its non-branded organic traffic to that same page.” – Fabien Caujolle, SEO Growth Strategist

The Results

Starting from zero in March, we tracked non-brand organic clicks to the /buy/ pages that Skale built links to. The results? By November 2021, these pages generated over 7k non-brand organic clicks per month, from very high intent transactional keywords.

As a result, link build investments have since increased, and we’re continuing to build backlinks every month to /buy/ pages. Plus, we’re also engaging in other link building activities for blog posts, claiming unlinked brand mentions, and more.

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