How Foyr 22xd Organic Product Free Trials in the US market and Increased Organic Traffic 15.5x YoY

How Foyr 22xd Organic Product Free Trials in the US market and Increased Organic Traffic 15.5x YoY


In 12 months, Foyr was able to turn one of their lowest-performing lead generation channels into their top-performing channel using Skale’s SEO expertise.  

15.5x increase in non-branded organic traffic in 12 months
22x increase their organic product free trial conversions in 6 months
+75% of total traffic acquisition comes from SEO

The growth challenge

The Interior Design software space is a highly competitive market with notorious players such as Sketchup, Roomsketcher, Homestyler, and Planner5D ruling rankings.

Foyr’s primary goal was to double its free trials quarter on quarter, coming from various organic sources, mostly their blog.
Also, being an Indian company, one of the other goals that we had was to get Foyr into the US market, where the biggest demand actually is in their industry.

Paid search would typically represent the main source of their monthly traffic acquisition, hovering around 50%, while organic traffic only made up 20%. This was a great opportunity for Skale, an SEO and SaaS link building agency, to reverse the trend and turn Foyr’s organic channel into their biggest contributor and improve 3:1 LTV:CAC restraints.

The Skale solution

The strategy the team used to scale Foyr’s organic SEO channel went like this:

First, the Skale team made both a qualitative and quantitative analysis of Foyr’s market in order to identify common converting patterns across its direct competition, as well as the different customer segments present in their market. It enabled us to develop a tailor-made SEO strategy for its future users.

Second, we built a solid model to identify the correct search intent to target across all of their pages, so that we would attract qualified leads (potential customers in the future) for each of them. We then computed an estimation of how many potential free trials this would translate into for Foyr on a monthly basis.

Third, we developed a well-rounded content plan based on thorough keyword research and an ICE prioritisation framework looking at different topics and their relative effort vs. reward. This plan enabled us to fill the content gaps required to get to the qualified leads opportunities previously identified, in the shortest amount of time possible. 

Fourth, we placed our bets on several high and medium intent keywords to create a set of blog articles—software pages and competitor pages. Plus, some blog articles, responding to the needs of the interior design market. We also rewrote a lot of Foyr’s old content to raise its quality and chance of ranking for relevant keywords. 

This method allowed Skale and Foyr to achieve results faster and scale their growth strategy exponentially.

Fifth, we secured more than a hundred high-quality, and topically relevant links to key software pages through bespoke outreach.

The Results

During the course of 12 months, non-branded organic traffic increased by 15.5x.
We helped Foyr increase their organic product free trial conversions by 17.8x globally, and facilitated their entry on the US market, in which Foyr grew their free trial conversions by 22x.

As a result, Foyr confirmed SEO as their key customer acquisition channel, accounting today for more than 75% of their total traffic acquisition.

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