11 B2B Copywriting Services & Agencies for Compelling Content in 2024

These B2B copywriting agencies and services will produce compelling copy to bolster your business and power revenue growth.
11 B2B Copywriting Services & Agencies for Compelling Content in 2024
Jake Stainer
by Jake Stainer

The difference between B2B and B2C copywriting lies in how they target their respective audiences. The tone and messaging of effective copywriting must adapt to the reader’s distinct goals and interest, as well as their buying behavior and sales cycle. B2B copywriting addresses business challenges and targets multiple decision-makers, while B2C copywriting appeals to the emotions and lifestyle preferences of individual consumers.

In spite of this distinction, creating relevant and effective content remains a challenge for 57% of B2B marketers. That’s where a B2B copywriting agency or service provider can assist—tapping into your audience’s unique needs and translating complex concepts into compelling, benefit-driven copy. 

To help you find your best match, we’ve compiled a list of the top 11 B2B copywriting services and agencies with a proven track record of driving conversions in the B2B space:

  1. Skale
  2. Velocity Partners
  3. Altitude Marketing
  4. CopyEngineer
  5. Animalz
  6. Ironpaper
  7. BOP Design
  8. Compose.ly
  9. Verblio
  10. WriterAccess

1. Skale

Skale's B2B Copywriting agency homepage

Skale has been in the B2B copywriting business since 2015 and has worked with the world’s fastest-growing B2B SaaS companies, including HubSpot, UserTesting, and Flodesk.

Their team of B2B SaaS content creation and SEO experts focuses on driving real business KPIs—such as sales-qualified leads (SQLs), qualified signups, and monthly recurring revenue (MRR)—not just web traffic and keyword rank. 

Skale’s copywriting and SEO content writing processes focus heavily on research, with intensive competitor analysis and in-depth briefs. They also incorporate expert insights to ensure their copy is engaging and authoritative. 

Here’s what Skale’s copywriting process looks like:

  1. Strategic content briefs written by B2B SEO experts
  2. Collaboration with your in-house team to perfect your brand voice, personality, and key messaging
  3. Comprehensive content reviews and quality assurance by senior editors
  4. Scheduling and publication of content on your CMS
  5. Detailed monthly reports, so you can track ROI of your content strategy

Skale has driven impactful client results, including improving Pitch’s non-branded organic signups by 17x and growing non-branded SQLs by 102% for Perkbox in just 10 months.

ServicesNotable Clients
SEO growth strategy (and execution)

SaaS link building and outreach

SEO content creation

SEO website migrations




Pricing: Starts at $4,500/month

Best for: Expert-led copywriting powered by SEO

“[Skale is] full of ideas for optimization and always ready to lend a hand. It’s been such a pleasure working with them as they have such a solid grasp on our brand and goals and have so much expertise to share.”

— Sobrina Pies, Head of Marketing at Flodesk

Get B2B copy that converts

Skale’s specialized B2B copywriters create revenue-generating content informed by experts

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2. Velocity Partners 

Velocity Partners homepage

Velocity Partners specializes in B2B tech marketing with a strong focus on creating content that cuts through the noise. They have a culture of “radical accountability”, which involves understanding the audience, embracing a creative process, and recognizing marketing’s potential to create meaningful impact.

Velocity Partners helped fleet management platform Geotab relaunch their brand in a competitive market, with a newly defined identity, story, and website. After a series of workshops, they developed the brand’s new visual identity and successfully launched their website. They worked closely with key stakeholders to identify the site’s objectives and audience needs and, in doing so, managed to generate 1,000 website visitors every month for the first year.

Besides helping B2B marketers tell great stories about their brands, Velocity Partners  also create resources to help marketers plan and create effective content. 

ServicesNotable Clients



Web development



Pricing: Custom

Best for: Web development and content marketing

“They can take our insights and recommendations and incorporate them into the development process with relative ease.”

John Veneruso, Senior Manager of Software Development, WebMD

3. Altitude Marketing 

Altitude B2B copywriting agency homepage

Altitude is an integrated B2B marketing agency focused on elevating your business with ROI-driven strategies that put clients and data first. Their marketing strategy involves a combination of creative, clear communications, SEO, and modern technology—along with a dedicated team of experts.

The agency is a proud member of the Inc. 5000 and has been listed as one of “the Best Places to Work in PA”.

When it comes to B2B marketing, they’re the complete package, combining tech marketing, advertising, SEO, social media marketing, B2B marketing consulting and serving as a technology marketing vendor.

Altitude has driven some amazing client results, including:

  • Increasing organic traffic for ZefSci by 50% 
  • Scaling social media engagement for Cognivia by 101%
ServicesNotable Clients
Multi-channel content creation



Web development


Peisner Johnson

Pricing: Custom

Best for: Branding, marketing strategy, social media marketing

“I’m impressed by Altitude Marketing’s deliverability and ease of working with their team.”

Marketing Advertising & Manager, Chemical Concepts

4. Feldman Creative 

Feldman Creative copywriting homepage

Feldman Creative is led by Barry Feldman, an individual contractor who’s written for tens of thousands of projects in nearly every industry. His conversion copywriting approach includes extreme clarity, a focus on user pain points and benefits, injecting personality and a sense of humor, and inspiring genuine action. 

Besides copywriting, his services include:

  • Lead nurture strategies to convert prospects, retain customers, and strengthen relationships
  • Designing ebooks, reports, infographics, landing pages
  • Personal branding
  • Training for marketing teams 
ServicesNotable Clients
Social media copywriting

Blog copywriting

Conversion copywriting
Get Response

Orbit Media


  • Project-based fee: Starts at $1,500/project
  • Retainer fee: Starts at $3,000/month
  • Hourly rate: $300/hour

Best for: Conversion copywriting, training, and speaking gigs

“If you’re looking for a writer, thinker and thought leader that breaks out of the pack every time and creates content with style and impact, Barry is that guy.”

Jay Baer, CEO, Convince & Convert

5. CopyEngineer

CopyEngineer homepage

CopyEngineer is the brand name of John Cole, a technology copywriting specialist with 20 years of experience in direct-response copywriting. He helps high-tech companies like Eaton, Lockheed Martin, and LogMeIn plan and implement high-performing content strategies. 

Cole offers a wide range of copywriting services, including: 

  • Blog posts
  • Video scripts
  • E-books
  • Press releases
  • Web advertising 
  • Social media copy
  • Email campaigns
  • Case studies

His content has appeared in Tech Briefs, Aerospace Testing International, COTS Journal, Machine Learning, and other trade publications. 

Using his first-hand experience in the engineering field and his commendable copywriting skills, John wrote a whitepaper for QRA Corp that attracted 3,000 subscribers in a year!

ServicesNotable Clients
B2B content marketing

Lead generation campaigns

Case studies and whitepapers


Pricing: Custom

Best for: Whitepapers, case studies, and lead generation campaigns

B2B content to attract & engage the right people

Skale’s team understands your ICP and writes revenue-generating content that speaks to their pain points

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6. Animalz 

Animalz content marketing agency homepage

Animalz is known for their unique marketing style and strategic storytelling, typically working with brands that are a little more experimental and “out there”. 

When crafting content, they strive to produce messaging that’s so authentic, insightful, and engaging that it doesn’t even feel like marketing. 

With this approach in mind, they help enterprise companies, startups, and VC firms create long-form content: articles, industry reports, ebooks, and more.

Their content marketing results include:

  • 150,000 monthly blog visits for Parabol
  • 13,000 increase in email subscribers for Sacra
ServicesNotable Clients
Brand building

Lead generation

Product Marketing


Pricing: Custom

Best for: Brand awareness and product marketing

7. Ironpaper

Ironpaper B2B content and growth agency homepage

Ironpaper is a B2B growth agency with expertise in generating leads for companies with complex sales cycles. They aim to help B2B companies improve their buyer’s journey and generate more sales opportunities. 

Their team drives marketing results that matter, with impressive impact to show for it:

  • Achieving a 3,660-position boost in search ranking for Sparks Group Recruiting
  • Increasing MQLs by 86% for a trailblazing tech company

Ironpaper’s approach to content involves articulating a clear value proposition that resonates with ideal buyers, which means reframing business offerings from the perspective of their target audience. 

Their work lies at the intersection of creativity, strategy, and data-driven decision-making. which empowers them to:

  • Increase qualified leads
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Generate new opportunities
  • Engage ideal customers
  • Understand revenue sources
ServicesNotable Clients
Content creation and strategy

Lead generation

Account-based marketing (ABM)


Pricing: Custom

Best for: Lead generation

“The Ironpaper team takes good care of our complex, multi-brand ecosystem and they are strategic partners, extensions of our in-house team.”

Luke Rumley, Digital Marketing Manager, Steelcase

8. BOP Design

BOP Design agency homepage

BOP Design is a B2B design agency that aims to make B2B interesting, with a focus on lead generation and audience engagement. Their services cover three key areas: website design, content marketing, and branding. 

They’ve helped B2B companies around the globe establish strong brand identities, design engaging websites, and use content marketing to attract qualified inbound leads. 

Their achievements include:

  • 15.66% increase in new users for Volta Technology
  • 131.17% increase in organic search for Gridmatic
ServicesNotable Clients
Social media copywriting


Blog content

Web design


Pricing: Custom

Best for: Web design, copywriting

“Outsourcing to Bop Design made my life easy. They do things quickly and professionally, almost as if I had my own staff. Leads and thought leadership increased, getting our name out as experts.”

Scott Knight, Chief Sales Officer, Perr&Knight

9. Compose.ly

Compose.ly homepage

Compose.ly is a freelance marketplace that helps businesses find suitable copywriters. On the platform, you can browse the portfolios of copywriters from all over the world, with different levels of experience and niche expertise. 

To streamline the selection process, you can choose the kind of copywriter you need—email copywriter, social media writer, or ad copywriter—and Compose.ly will list the top candidates for the gig. 

ServicesNotable Clients
Content management

Copywriting and ghostwriting

Content editing


Pricing: Custom

Best for: Content writing, copywriting

“Since working with Compose.ly, our team has spent less time editing and more time focused on strategic work. Having access to writers with relevant industry expertise adds a lot of value.”

Derek Coleman, SEO Team Lead, Tuff

10. Verblio

Verblio content writing homepage

Verblio specializes in blog writing. Their writing services include long-form articles, web copy, landing pages, and other content projects. 

They can handle a large volume of content requests at once—in the thousands—and can even help develop your content strategy. 

Their content creation approach involves immersing themselves in a brand’s writing style and using subject matter expertise to enhance the value and insight of every piece.

With their expert content writing and copywriting services, Verblio has managed to generate some amazing client results, such as:

  • Increasing an eCommerce brand’s organic traffic by 46% in 9 months
  • Ranking on the first page of Google in just 2 months for one manufacturing client
ServicesNotable Clients
AI-generated content

Human-written content

Enterprise content creation
Car Hopper

Wild West Pool Supplies

Owner Built Design


  •  AI + human content: $0.06/word
  • 100% human content: $0.16/word

Best for: Content writing and copywriting

“After just two months of consistent blog posting with content from Verblio, we ranked on the first page of Google for four of our critical keywords.”

Ben A., Verblio client

11. WriterAccess – A freelance B2B copywriting platform

Writeraccess homepage

WriterAccess is a freelance marketplace that connects you with the talent, tools, and training to scale your content marketing efforts. Their platform offers a diverse selection of freelancers with ranging experience, comprising copywriters, editors, translators, and designers. They have a thorough screening process that ensures an excellent skill level for all talent on their marketplace. 

Just sign up on their platform, select a membership plan, and their AI-powered search will find the best writer in your budget.

ServicesNotable Clients
Access to experienced copywriters

Writers with industry-specific expertise, including finance, real estate, and technology.



  • Essentials: $349/month
  • Advanced: $749/month

Best for: Copywriting services, AI tools

“[I’ve been using WriterAccess] for over six years now. They are a critical part of our content strategy and planning. For all of my clients, we find their search rankings are higher than they’ve ever been.”

John Middlebrook, CEO at Calibrate Brands

Agency vs freelance copywriter: Which should you choose?

You may find yourself struggling to choose between hiring a freelancer or a B2B copywriting agency for your projects. Here are some factors to consider before making your decision:

Agencies offer a streamlined process and diverse expertise

Agencies typically offer a team of copywriters with varied skills and experience. This is beneficial if your project requires multiple writing styles or subject matter expertise.

Specialized B2B copywriting agencies also often have established, reliable processes in place for project management, quality control, and meeting deadlines.

Freelancers offer cost flexibility and personalized collaboration

Freelance copywriters often take a more personalized approach and may be more flexible with scheduling and pricing, but may not have the same resources in terms of project management and quality control as an agency.

However, working directly with a freelance copywriter can foster closer collaboration and clearer communication throughout the project 

Ultimately, the best decision will depend on your specific project, budget, and preferences. If you’re looking for expert-led content that’s written and edited through multiple quality-control checks, and that positions your brand as a thought leader, consider partnering with a B2B SEO agency with a team of expert copywriters.

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A B2B copywriting agency, with a strong understanding of the B2B audiences, can scale your business with strategic content tailored to your brand identity, voice, and messaging.

Always look for an agency with a proven track record of collaborating with brands similar to yours. Doing so will ensure your B2B marketing budget can deliver high-quality and relevant content.

Skale’s SEO-backed approach to content has helped top SaaS players, like Perkbox and Maze, to build powerful content engines that drive MRR and ARR. 

With our expert outreach process and team of dedicated content writers, we’re committed to generating data-backed content for your brand and delivering great ROI within a matter of months. 

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