13 B2B Content Marketing Agencies and Services to Generate Revenue in 2024

These B2B content marketing agencies can create strategies and content that generates serious revenue for your business.
13 B2B Content Marketing Agencies and Services to Generate Revenue in 2024
Jake Stainer
by Jake Stainer

You can’t copy and paste a B2C strategy and expect your B2B content marketing to perform. 

Studies show that B2B buyers consume three to five pieces of content before contacting a sales rep. What’s impacting their purchasing decision? Clear, research-based articles, case studies, and webinars that are tailor-made for your niche.

Great B2B content has a sharp focus on your ICP and is expertly crafted to match your audience’s search intent. It delves into the customers’ jobs-to-be-done, as well as their key pain points and challenges. That’s where a specialized B2B content marketing agency shines.

We’ve compiled a list of 13 top B2B content marketing agencies that specialize in creating content that speaks directly to discerning B2B audiences. 

Agency PricingServices offered
SkaleFrom $4,000/monthSEO growth strategy and execution, paired with expert-led content creation, conversion rate optimization (CRO), link acquisition, and technical SEO
‘AnimalZ’CustomBrand awareness,lead generation, content production, distribution
SociallyinCustomInfluencer marketing, social media strategy, social selling, community management, social media consulting
Viral NationCustomCRM implementation, paid placements, email lead generation
Disruptive AdvertisingCustomPPC management, CRO, eCommerce marketing, lifecycle marketing
FoundationCustomContent creation and strategy, content auditing, marketing intelligence
Siege MediaCustomVideo production, copywriting,  and blog design, link building
Velocity PartnersCustomWeb development, content marketing
JellyfishCustomPPC management, social media marketing, app store optimization (ASO)
BraftonCustomBlogging, business copy, inbound marketing consulting, video marketing, graphic design
VerblioAI + human content: $0.06/word

100% human content: $0.16/word
Content writing, including ebooks, whitepapers, blog posts, website content, and press releases
Power Digital MarketingCustomBranded Amazon search, paid social prospecting, CRO, web developmentemail marketing, data intelligence
Proper ExpressionCustomFull-stack content marketing, growth marketing, demand generation

1. Skale: Best for B2B SEO content

Skale Homepage

Since 2020, Skale has built revenue-generating SEO and content channels for some of the world’s fastest-growing B2B SaaS companies—including HubSpot, UserTesting, and Flodesk. 

Unlike many agencies, they focus on real business KPIs, like sales-qualified leads (SQLs), qualified signups, and monthly recurring revenue (MRR) — instead of vanity metrics like traffic and rankings.

They’ve delivered impactful client results, like:

Skale’s robust content creation process is fueled by competitor research and in-depth, strategic briefs. They proactively reach out to experts in your niche and incorporate their opinions and insights to deliver engaging, authoritative, and credible content that builds your brand. 

Their content marketing offerings include:

  • Optimizing existing content
  • In-depth topic and competitor research 
  • Strategic content briefs written by SaaS SEO experts
  • Content creation for articles, guides, listicles, and landing pages — all crafted by expert writers
  • Collaboration with your in-house team to perfect your brand voice, personality, and key messaging
  • Expert outreach to enrich content with unique insights that meet Google’s E-E-A-T criteria
  • Comprehensive content reviews and quality assurance by senior editors
  • Scheduling and publication of content on your CMS
  • Detailed monthly reports, so you can track ROI and the ongoing value of your content activity
ServicesRecognizable clients
Content writing:
• Alternative pages
• Checklists
• Content hubs
• Glossary pages
• Guides
• Landing pages
• Listicles
SEO management 
Link building 
SEO website migration 
HubSpot, Usertesting, Personio, Appcues, TravelPerk, Flodesk

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2. AnimalZ: Best for technical B2B industries

Animalz Homepage

AnimalZ is a B2B content agency that caters to enterprise companies, startups, and VC firms. They specialize in long-form content such as articles, industry reports, ebooks, and more. The agency has worked with some top SaaS players, including Zendesk, Airtable, and GoDaddy.

AnimalZ aims to create interesting, thoughtful, and authentic content that doesn’t even look like marketing. Their unique outlook on content is for brands that are a little more “out there.”

Using their strategic storytelling skills, the team has driven commendable growth for their customers, including:

  • Driving a 255% increase in blog visits for Sellbrite
  • Scaling page views from 0 to 76,000 for 360Learning
  • Increasing email subscribers by 13,000 opt-ins for Sacra
ServicesRecognizable clientsPricingIndustries
Brand awareness
Lead generation
Content promotion and distribution
Product marketing
Noom, ZendeskCustomTechnology

3. Sociallyin: Best for social media strategy

Sociallyin Homepage

As the name suggests, Sociallyin is a social media-focused marketing agency that produces all kinds of social content — including videos, images, and text — tailored to their customers’ needs. 

They’re a passionate team of creatives who know how to craft engaging content for ever-changing algorithms. Their data-driven social campaigns captivate their clients’ target audience, drive lead generation, and boost brand awareness.

They’ve worked with globally recognized brands such as Mellow and Samsung, and delivered powerful results, like:

  • Generating 8,000 engagements and 34,000 impressions for Incomm, across Instagram and Facebook from Q1 to Q4
  • Reaching 50,000 installs for the Mellow app in just two months
ServicesRecognizable clientsPricingIndustries
Social media marketing
Social paid ads
Community management
Samsung, NetappCustomTechnology

4. Viral Nation: Best for influencer marketing

viral nation Homepage

Viral Nation is a social media marketing agency that specializes in influencer marketing. They have a bespoke, AI-powered platform that helps their clients create, connect, and collaborate better.

Their influencer marketing campaigns consistently yield high ROI, making it a leading marketing channel for brands. They have an award-winning team of designers, storytellers, social experts, and strategists who specialize in delivering content that target audiences connect with on a deeper level. 

Here are some notable client results Viral Nation has achieved across all of their campaigns and platforms:

  • 1 billion+ engaged customers
  • 7x average return on ad spend (ROAS) increase
  • A 42% reduction in the average customer acquisition cost (CAC)
ServicesRecognizable clientsPricingIndustries
CRM implementation
Paid placement
Performance and high-velocity media buying
Experiential marketing 
Access to a network of creators
Strategic, creative, and data-driven influencer marketing 
Chegg, Logitech CustomB2B

5. Disruptive Advertising: Best for PPC management

Disruptive Advertising Homepage

Disruptive Advertising is a full-service digital marketing agency that’s best known for its PPC management services. They’re selective about the brands and people they work with, and only choose those they believe in. 

With over 10 years of experience and hundreds of five-star customer reviews, the agency excels at pairing authentic brands with specialized marketers to develop winning strategies. They also offer their customers access to exclusive relationships, content, and community.

With their leading-edge marketing strategies and metric-driven approach, Disruptive Advertising has delivered some amazing results:

  • Decreasing cost per click (CPC) by 30% for Guide CX
  • Generating 67% more leads for a security services firm
ServicesRecognizable clientsPricingIndustries
Web analytics and site optimization
Amazon marketing
Facebook and Instagram marketing
PPC management
eCommerce marketing
Lifecycle marketing
KPMG Spark, Nani Swimwear, Adobe Experience CloudCustomB2B

6. Foundation: Best for marketing intelligence

Foundation Homepage

Foundation is a content agency specializing in helping B2B SaaS brands achieve ROI across their marketing and sales funnels. They drive revenue through traffic, sales enablement, thought leadership, backlink content, and social media content. 

Using this powerful content production and distribution process, they’ve achieved impressive results for their clients — such as a 300% increase in social engagement for an audience engagement platform in just three months. 

ServicesRecognizable clientsPricingIndustries
Content creation and strategy
Content auditing
Marketing intelligence
Case studies are available on their website, but brands are anonymousCustomB2B

7. Siege Media: Best for content design

siegemedia Homepage

Siege Media is a content and SEO agency that creates ROI-focused and customer-driven content strategies for growing brands. 

Their portfolio of work showcases impressive results, including a 350% boost in organic traffic for Instacart and the generation of over 10,000 links for Zendesk. 

They’re also heavily focused on content design, as they understand that great UX is critical to a great content strategy. Rather than evaluating one or two posts on your website, the team will look at your whole website and help optimize your brand’s entire digital experience. 

ServicesRecognizable clientsPricingIndustries
Video production
Graphic and blog design
Link building
Asana, AirBnBCustomSaaS

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8. Velocity Partners: Best for B2B marketing strategy

Velocity Partners Homepage

Velocity Partners is a specialist B2B tech marketing firm. They focus on creating content that cuts through the B2B noise. And that starts with “radical accountability”: about the audience, the creative process, and about marketing’s capacity to make an impact.

For instance, they helped Salesforce boost event turnout with a content strategy that included teaser videos, blogs, emails, LinkedIn ads, landing pages, and more — leading to 150 registrations for their flagship Basecamp online event.

ServicesRecognizable clientsPricingIndustries
Web development
Content marketing
OpenMarket, Constellant, SalesforceCustomB2B

9. Jellyfish: Best for data-based campaigns

Jellyfish Homepage

Jellyfish is a B2B and B2C marketing agency that’s worked with popular brands like Disney, ESPN, eBay, Netflix, and more. Their global team, which spans 22 countries, excels at building compelling brand narratives. 

The agency believes generative AI provides an opportunity to unlock innovations, and has  built a custom GenAI tool that helps businesses identify where best to focus their investment. 

Their main focus is to help brands build an online presence through diverse content marketing initiatives: email, social media, blogs, and paid ads.

ServicesRecognizable clientsPricingIndustries
PPC management
Social media marketing
Disney, Slack, Netflix, ESPN, eBayCustomB2B

10. Brafton: Best for forward-thinking content strategy

Brafton Homepage

Brafton is a B2B content marketing agency with an extensive in-house team of graphic designers, copywriters, marketers, video designers, and sales professionals.

With a targeted and data-driven content marketing approach, they’ve managed to generate significant value for their clients: including hundreds of leads for MoEngage and an 80% decrease in customer acquisition costs (CAC) for Concentric.

ServicesRecognizable clientsPricingIndustries
Business copy
Inbound marketing consulting
Video marketing
Graphic design
Lanshore, Webex, MoEngage CustomB2B

11. Verblio: Large range of content formats

Verblio Homepage

Verblio offers blog and content writing services to help marketers improve brand awareness, messaging, and positioning. Their content offerings include blog posts, articles, web copy, landing pages, and other long-form content projects. 

Their approach involves diving deep into a brand’s writing style and leveraging subject matter expertise to make content more valuable and insightful.

Verblio can deliver a high volume of articles for you — think in the thousands — or take charge of content strategy creation altogether. And with their pricing model, if you don’t like the content, you don’t have to pay for it.

ServicesRecognizable clientsPricingIndustries
Content writing, including ebooks, whitepapers, blogs, website content, and press releasesGrowthsquad, Rankings.ioAI + human content: $0.06/word
100% human content: $0.16/word

12. Power Digital Marketing: Best for affiliate marketing

Power Digital Marketing is a growth marketing agency that claims to grow its clients’ businesses 2.4x faster than the industry average. 

They offer full-funnel marketing services and have built a platform that generates custom reports on digital strategy performance.

Power Digital Marketing are trusted by companies like Figma, Stripe, and Hayabusa to generate results like:

  • Growing Pet Conscious from 0 to 6,900 followers in three months
  • 12x increase in ROAS for Hayabusa Fight in a year
ServicesRecognizable clientsPricingIndustries
Branded Amazon search
Paid social prospecting
CROWeb development
Email marketingData intelligence
Dropbox, CasperCustomB2BB2CFashionRetail

13. Proper Expression: Best content marketing agency for demand generation

Proper Expression is a full-funnel B2B digital marketing agency that offers growth marketing and sales services. They focus on the client KPIs that matter most: revenue, profitability, ROI, and customer acquisition. 

The agency uses integrated marketing, deep business acumen, and real-life corporate knowledge to develop multi-channel campaigns that directly impact their clients’ bottom line.

Proper Expression have helped clients in the health, luxury, and e-learning space generate convincing results:

  • Increasing demo requests by 70+ per month for Niche Academy
  • Increasing organic traffic by 74% for a Gen2 RPA company
ServicesRecognizable clientsPricingIndustries
Full-stack content marketing
Growth marketing
Demand generation
Robocorp, Paul StuartCustomB2B

Choose the best B2B content marketing agency for your business

Are you serious about taking your B2B content marketing to the next level? Then choose a specialized agency with the expertise, experience, and passion to help your business stand out in a crowded marketplace — and drive real results.

To find the right agency for your business, consider factors such as affordability, how their service offering aligns with your business goals, and whether their track record shows success in your niche. 

As a growth-focused B2B content marketing agency, Skale will build a powerful content engine for your business, and focus on genuine business metrics like SQL, MQL, and qualified signups. We use SEO-backed content strategies and expert-led content to drive MRR and ARR for B2B clients of all sizes. 

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