What it’s like to be a Technical SEO Analyst at Skale

What it’s like to be a Technical SEO Analyst at Skale
Gemma Hislop
by Gemma Hislop

Meet Lazarina, technical SEO analyst at SaaS SEO agency: Skale. Come and say hi!

What is technical SEO, and what does someone that works in technical SEO actually do? We’re answering this, plus the lifestyle of the role within a full-remote agency, in this article. 

Today, we’re sitting down with Lazarina. Lazarina has always worked in some area of SEO, whether that’s as a writer or an SEO specialist. In this article, she talks us through a little bit more about her and her experience working with Skale so far. 

Meet a Tech SEO Analyst

Здравейте! I’m Lazarina, and I am a Tech SEO Analyst at Skale. I specialize in technical SEO, data analytics, and strategy. I am also a huge advocate for automation and embedding Machine Learning into processes, and improving the efficiency of how things are done in SEO. 

Being passionate about these topics, I often develop resources and guides to help other SEOs enhance their work processes. I enjoy sharing insights with the world via public speaking, too. This includes tackling topics like:

Lovely to meet you, Lazarina. What does a typical workday look like for you?

A typical workday includes a bit of coding, website auditing, research, and concept testing. It also includes data-related fun like analysis, traffic drop investigations, or visualizations. Every day is different, and there is an opportunity to learn something new every day in a new area which is super fun.

That’s awesome. Do you feel encouraged to grow and succeed at Skale? 

Skale is a company where we are really encouraged to do our best for clients. We work with amazing companies, which are really motivating to scale via organic growth. 

There is definitely huge growth potential, cool projects, and opportunities here and I feel encouraged each day.

Power to you! Why do you love working at Skale? 

I love working at Skale because of the freedom we get from choosing when and how to work. Plus, the team is made up of brilliant professionals. I love that we are scattered across the world but still come together to strategize, connect, or just cook some pasta from scratch at a team-building event! 

It’s really fun also being a part of a fast-growing agency.

Nice. Tell us how you take advantage of remote and flexible work

I take advantage by choosing when to work, of course, mindful of colleagues, deadlines, and projects. 

I’m typically more of a night owl, so I really enjoy getting my work done when it’s quiet, and the world sleeps. I love that most people here support and operate on the principles of asynchronous communication.

Great! Final question: which is your favorite employee benefit Skale offers?

Definitely working remotely. I would not have been able to join such a great team at the time that I did (amid the pandemic) if not for this.

До Скоро, Lazarina. Thanks for your time!

Thanks for taking the time to meet Lazarina. We hope you found this a great insight into what life is like here at Skale, as well as what it’s like to be a technical SEO analyst. 

As you’ve probably learned, SEO agency life is very different from in-house. So, if you’re ready to take your SEO expertise to an agency, then maybe Skale is the right fit for you. We’re hiring, so be sure to check out our careers page for more. 

Until next time! 

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