A day in the life of an SEO Lead!

A day in the life of an SEO Lead!
Gemma Hislop
by Gemma Hislop

Meet Stuart, SEO Lead at SaaS SEO agency: Skale!

We are currently hiring for an additional SEO Lead to join our team…let’s meet Stuart and find out more about the role!

Meet an SEO Lead!

Hey Stuart, nice to chat! Tell us a little bit about you!

I work close to the Winelands in Cape Town, South Africa, and am a husband and a dog dad to an adorable lab, Oscar. I’ve been in SEO for over 10 years, initially starting out as a content writer, tech specialist, affiliate marketer and Head of SEO to now thriving in SaaS SEO with Skale! I’m fascinated by gamification, growth marketing and pulling on a wide range of marketing levers to open new doors for clients and our team.

Awesome! What’s the most exciting part of being a Lead at Skale?

I love working with all the amazing SaaS brands and the incredible technologies that they have created and iterated to drive change in the ways we do things every day! Each partner we work with at Skale has unique challenges: ICPs, restrictions and opportunities, and it’s up to us as a team to collaborate on growth marketing techniques to drive real impact. Finding those opportunities and seeing them through means that you can see the team succeed together.

…And the biggest challenge?

As a Lead at Skale, you’ve got to make sure that you’re balancing the interests of multiple stakeholders at all times. You’re shaping client expectations and growth while ensuring your teams are thriving and progressing at similar rates. It’s always a challenge to balance growth for clients, the team and myself, but it’s a challenge that I thrive under and wouldn’t have any other way!

Sounds like you’ve got it covered! How would you describe the working environment?

I love my home office, which Skale supports with a generous monthly start-up budget, and having my dog around all the time! Working remotely was a freedom I never imagined 20 years ago, and Skale is an agency that has embraced this way of working, realising people are most productive when they are happy. I also work with some of the most driven and talented people who are always just an email or slack message away, but with the autonomy and trust to get things done.

Great! Are you happy with the career progression you have achieved so far?

As an experienced SEO professional, shifting to the SaaS industry had initial challenges but with the positive support of my colleagues I’ve progressed from Strategist to Lead within 18 months. We’re constantly growing as an agency and I’d be surprised if this was my “final form” at Skale!

Finally, is there any advice you would share with our next Lead? How can they be as successful as you in this role?

Question everyone and everything! You’re never too experienced to learn something new, or from any situation. Our industry is developing so quickly that there is always something new to learn from anyone, whether they’re a junior of 1 year or a senior of 20 years. Everybody knows something that you don’t!

That’s all, folks!

Thanks for taking the time to meet Stuart! Hopefully, this has given you a better insight into what life is like at Skale working as an SEO Lead. 

If you are interested in joining our team, check out our careers page.

Good luck!

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