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9 Birmingham SEO Agencies to Grow Your Organic Channels

9 Birmingham SEO Agencies to Grow Your Organic Channels
Italo Viale
by Italo Viale

Alright, let’s spill the tea on SEO. Everyone knows it’s a goldmine, but let’s not kid ourselves, it’s not a quick fix. Your business doesn’t have time for trial and error. That’s where an agency swoops in to save the day.

68% of online experiences start with an organic search. But if your web pages are stuck in the Bermuda Triangle of Google’s third page, you’re not getting any of those clicks. To get yourself in front of your audience you need a strong SEO strategy that positions you in the top ranks of Google and converts that traffic into paying customers. 

To turn that dream into a reality you have to roll with the SEO pros who know your local scene, like, say, Birmingham. We did some Sherlock-level research and cooked up a list of the top 9 Birmingham SEO agencies starting with our agency, Skale.

1. Skale

Skale Homepage

Skale has driven impact for a range of businesses in varying industries across the UK, including Birmingham. Services offered are cutting-edge technical SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and expert-led SEO content writing. 

They are a unique agency that specialises in turning SEO into a massive revenue engine for your business by covering every aspect of your SEO strategy with an expert team. The specialist team goes beyond delivering clicks and traffic and aims for tangible metrics like product signups and sales, so your business actually grows. They work closely with you to define your business goals and align those KPIs with an impressive SEO strategy. 

An example is how Skale doubled Slite’s product sign ups in just three months. Slite operates in the online collaboration industry which is competitive with top players like Notion, Coda, and Slab. Despite the fierce competition, Skale delivered remarkable results within just three months.

Industries: SaaS, B2B, fintech, and tech brands

Top Services: SEO growth strategy, technical SEO including website migrations, B2B & SaaS link building and outreach, on-page SEO, SEO content creation, CRO, and revenue modelling. 

Recognisable Clients: HubSpot, Usertesting, Personio, Appcues, TravelPerk, Flodesk, Recruitee

Cost: From £3,500 / month

Best For: Making SEO a revenue generation channel

“Skale is a valuable SEO partner who’s helped us develop our strategy from the ground up. We now have a scalable SEO acquisition channel that’s been growing month over month in terms of traffic, clicks, and sign-ups. They are full of ideas for optimization and always ready to lend a hand. It’s been such a pleasure working with them as they have such a solid grasp on our brand and goals and have so much expertise to share.” — Sobrina Pies, Head of Marketing at Flodesk

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2. seoBusiness

SEO Business Homepage

It’s all in the name, folks. One of the top Birmingham SEO agencies you can choose to work with is seoBusiness. They have helped hundreds of clients over the last two decades and focus on consistently delivering impressive results on an ongoing basis.

SeoBusiness helps clients with both search engine marketing and website design. They operate their multi-million-pound brand and have over 20 years of experience serving clients.

Industries: E-commerce, B2B, B2C

Top Services: SEO, PPC, web design, e-commerce, digital marketing

Recognisable Clients: Accelerate Leadership, ABP technology, Greenplant Stainless Ltd, Time2

Cost: Custom pricing

Best For: Web design and SEO

“They’re also very realistic, giving answers to all my difficult questions in a very objective way.” — Deputy Director at Mersey Rod Limited

3. Global Search Marketing

Global Search Marketing Homepage

If you’re looking for local SEO, you may want to work with Global Search Marketing, which is another top Birmingham SEO agency. Apart from SEO services, they offer PPC and Paid Social services.

They focus on helping businesses drive growth with a multi-channel and data-led digital marketing approach. Their impressive results have been recognized by their Google Premier Partner status and awards won.

Industries: E-commerce, B2B

Top Services: E-commerce, PPC, SEO, Paid Social, digital PR, CRO

Recognizable Clients: M-CRO, Jeanstore, Vax, Baylis and Harding, Cousin Furniture, AGA

Cost: Custom pricing

Best For: Multi-channel and data-led marketing

Working with them feels like a real partnership, rather than just a straight commercial relationship.” Managing Director at Transfur Animals

4. The SEO Works

SEO Works Homepage

The team at SEO Works are digital growth experts who specialise in helping businesses get more customers online via SEO. They are a multiple award-winning agency with outstanding results.

Not sure you want to work with this agency? They offer a free audit session that can help you decide. SEO Works is a full-service digital agency that covers key areas of digital marketing you need for your business growth.

Industries: Automotive, B2B, E-commerce, education, health, manufacturing, professional services

Top Services: SEO, PPC, Paid Social, design and development

Recognisable Clients: Roland, Bitcoin .com, NHS, Zippo, Rab, Just eat

Cost: Custom pricing

Best For: Search Marketing

I am impressed by their great communication and knowledge.” — Content Marketing Manager at Customs4trade

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5. NXT Web Agency

NXT Web Agency Homepage

Unlike the name implies, NXT Web Agency does not just deliver web design services but is also one of the top Birmingham SEO agencies. They help clients boost their online presence to achieve massive business growth.

They use cutting-edge strategies to help clients’ websites rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). These strategies range from keyword research to link building to on-page optimisation.

Industries: B2B, B2C, e-commerce, automotive, education, health

Top Services: SEO, PPC, web design and development, website maintenance, social media marketing, e-commerce solution

Recognisable Clients: Ford, Unicef, NHS, Santander, Reader’s Digest, University of Greenwich

Cost: Project-based

Best For: Lead generation

Their knowledge was extensive and fully adaptable to being mindful of our business needs.” — Managing Director at Reader’s Digest UK (Vivat Direct Limited)

6. Pixelette Technologies

Pixelette Technologies Homepage

Pixelette Technologies is one of the top Birmingham SEO agencies focused on blockchain, artificial intelligence, and metaverse industries. Apart from helping with SEO, they create software solutions for blockchain companies and help with website development.

They start by strategising your idea, developing an action plan, then executing the plan and monitoring results against metrics. If you choose to work with Pixelette Technologies, you can rest assured that you have a team of blockchain specialists who are dedicated to delivering excellent results for their clients.

Industries: Artificial Intelligence, Education, Finance, Trading, Entertainment, Manufacturing, Medical

Top Services: UI/UX, SEO, blockchain development, Artificial Intelligence

Recognisable Clients: Appg Blockchain, SEMrush, Buttersmiles, XPO Wealth Club

Cost: Custom pricing

Best For: Blockchain and AI businesses 

“Pixelette Technologies has been the perfect partner so far.” — Co-Founder at Buttersmiles

7. Odyssey New Media

Odyssey New Media Homepage

Odyssey New Media focuses on growing businesses fast using their PPC, SEO, Social media, and web design services. They are focused on converting clicks to customers. Odyssey New Media is a recognized Google Partner with a local office in Birmingham.

They promise clients increased inquiries, website traffic, website usability, and sales. The core strength of this agency lies in its 20-plus years of combined experience maximising the power of digital marketing and media channels to achieve business growth.

Industries: B2B, B2C, finance and technology

Top Services: PPC, link building, SEO, social media, web design

Recognisable Clients: AG Budget, Mint Technology, Festival UK 2022

Cost: Custom pricing

Best For: Local SEO

“Their attention to detail and industry knowledge is second to none.” — Managing Director at Appoly Group

8. Opace

Opace Homepage

Opace, a top Birmingham SEO agency, aims to supercharge businesses with a results-driven digital marketing approach. There is no contract agreement involved when working with this agency. You can request a free quote and contact the specialist team if you have any inquiries.

Opace has crafted several online success stories in the past 15 years and has delivered digital agency services to businesses across the UK and globally. For instance, they helped Shedstore rank #1 in Google for the keyword “Garages” which has 110,000 monthly searches.

Industries: SME,B2B, B2C, e-commerce

Top Services: Web design, SEO, digital marketing, e-commerce, social media

Recognizable Clients: Shedstore, Corcoran’s furniture and carpets ltd, DTC

Cost: Custom pricing

Best For: Results-driven web design 

“Their speed of implementing agreed tasks has been refreshing.” — Director at Cozilogs

9. Clubbish

Clubbish Homepage

Another SEO agency that you can choose to work with is Clubbish. They help clients achieve their marketing objectives in the shortest time possible. You can book a free consultation, Google ads, or SEO audit with a senior Clubbish marketing consultant to start crafting your marketing strategy. They aim to generate more leads and sales for their clients.

Clubbish uses an analytical approach to create campaigns that get results. Also, data gathered is used to form a targeted marketing strategy for clients’ digital marketing campaigns.

Industries: Healthcare, jewellery, legal, professional services, B2B, B2C

Top Services: Google ads, SEO, Facebook ads, YouTube ads

Recognizable Clients: FRC, HEMSEC, Pandora, House of Watches, KLR Solicitors

Cost: Custom pricing

Best For: Social marketing and SEO

“They have highly effective communication and simple and straight-to-the-point objectives.” — Director at Quad-Warehouse

How to find the best Birmingham SEO agencies

Finding the right Birmingham SEO agency is like searching for buried treasure—you want that chest of digital gold, not a chest full of disappointment. Here are three tips to ensure you’re on the right treasure map:

Define your SEO goals

Before you pick an agency, know where you’re headed. Define your SEO goals, whether it’s conquering the Google peak or getting in front of new customers. The right agency should be your compass to guide you to that buried treasure.

Check their track record

Look for an agency with a treasure trove of success stories. Ask for case studies or client testimonials, they’re like the tales of old sailors who’ve conquered the SEO seas before.

Demystify their strategy

SEO can sound like a mystical language, but a good agency should be able to translate it for you. If they start throwing around jargon-like spells, it might be time to walk the plank. The right agency will explain their strategy in plain English, helping you understand the map they’re using.

Find the right SEO company in Birmingham to reach your goals

For businesses in Birmingham, tapping into the expertise of leading Birmingham SEO agencies is a wise move for localised services. Take your time exploring the agencies mentioned in this article. 
Visit their websites, and reach out for quotes and free consultations. Don’t rush the process; ensure the chosen agency aligns with your unique business needs. Kickstart the journey by contacting Skale today to schedule a call.

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