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7 Best SaaS Copywriting Agencies & Services in 2024

11+ SaaS copywriting agencies that will educate your audience, boost revenue, and nurture leads.
7 Best SaaS Copywriting Agencies & Services in 2024
Jake Stainer
by Jake Stainer

Every time you feel compelled to click on an ad or sign up for a free trial of a SaaS product, that’s good copywriting at play. 

Over time, expertly crafted copy helps reduce churn, increase MRR, and improve conversions and brand visibility. 

That’s why the global copywriting market is expected to reach $42.22 billion by 2030, with copywriting as one of the most in-demand marketing skills. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of specialized SaaS copywriting agencies to choose from. 

But when searching for a SaaS copywriting agency, you need to know what to look for. For instance, expertise in content writing doesn’t necessarily mean mastery in copywriting:

  • Copywriting focuses on short, persuasive messages that spark immediate action, like signing up for a free trial, making a purchase, or subscribing to a tool
  • Content writing focuses on longer-form articles, guides, and ebooks that attract and inform a specific customer profile

To help you find the best partner for your needs, we’ve compiled a list of seven leading agencies that specialize in creating high-converting copy for SaaS companies.

NoAgency namePricing Key services
SkaleFrom $4,000/monthUser-centric SEO copywriting that’s backed up by experts
Lewis Commercial WritingFrom $3,000 UX writing, website copywriting
SaaSBoost.ioFrom $2,000/ monthSaaS content marketing
Highway One MarketingCustomContent strategy, implementation, reporting
Campfire DigitalCustomDigital marketing services
SwaycopyCustomConversion copywriting
CaaSocioCustomWebsite copywriting

1. Skale: The best SEO copywriting agency for SaaS

Skale Homepage

Skale is a leader in SaaS SEO and provides premium copywriting services in this space. All their content is strategized and briefed by SEO specialists, and is informed by a user-centric approach to content that provides a highly targeted experience for your readers.

Plus, Skale will reach out to experts in your niche, to ensure your content is expert-led, ultra-relevant, and drives revenue for your business. 

Here’s a glimpse at their proven SEO copywriting process:

  1. SaaS SEO experts write comprehensive copywriting briefs based on extensive topic and competitor research
  2. They work with your in-house team to align on brand voice and capture your POV
  3. They conduct expert outreach to secure valuable quotes and insights and elevate the credibility of your content 
  4. Your copy is produced by niche-specific, professionally vetted writers
  5. Your copy is reviewed and optimized by a senior editor
  6. The final draft is uploaded to your CMS

And instead of vanity metrics like rankings and clicks, the Skale team focuses on real business KPIs—sales-qualified leads (SQLs), qualified signups, and MRR — and offer complete transparency on their results. 

They work with top SaaS players, such as HubSpot and Usertesting, and have delivered impressive results, like:

Besides copywriting, their SEO content offerings include:

  • Alternative pages
  • Checklists
  • Competitor comparison pages
  • Content hubs
  • Guides
  • Landing pages
  • Listicles
Services Recognizable clients
Content creation
Link building 
SEO management
Website migration

Pricing: From $4,000/month

Best for: Expert-led copywriting powered by SEO

“I brought on Skale to support Wealthimple’s ambitious customer acquisition goals. Within weeks of working together, they secured high-quality niche-specific links that moved the needle—not just in terms of rankings and traffic but also in terms of new customer acquisition and revenue. We’re now building a data-driven model to guide our decision making which is critical because resources are finite.

Skale is different to most agencies because they’re actually SEO experts and have worked in-house at other SaaS & tech brands. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to scale in the SEO space.” — Padraig O’Connor, Growth Manager at Wealthsimple

2. Lewis Commercial Writing

Lewis Commercial Writing Homepage

Lewis Commercial Writing is a SaaS copywriting studio in Texas. Run by husband-and-wife duo Alex (a SaaS copywriter) and Sarabeth (a UX writer), who each bring unique expertise to the table when helping their clients. 

Lewis Commercial Writing craft personality-driven copy, emulating their customers’ language and using proven conversion copywriting formulas. 

So far, they’ve helped their clients appear in major publications such as Forbes, PBS NewsHour, Entrepreneur, and Yahoo! Finance. They’ve also been interviewed by many of these publications, sharing expertise on writing, entrepreneurship, and freelancing. 

The duo has written ebooks for brands like AppSumo, resulting in over 5,000 downloads. They also specialize in writing story-driven case studies, by capturing their clients’ success stories in a timeline format that highlights key work and achievements. 

Their services include:

  • Brand strategy
  • Ghostwriting 
  • Lead magnets
  • Media pitching
  • UX copywriting
  • Website copywriting
ServicesRecognizable clients
UX writing
Website copy
Lead magnets


  • Done-for-you lead magnet campaigns: Starts at $3,000
  • UX writing: Starts at $5,000 
  • 5 pages of website copy: $10,000–$15,000 

Best for: Ghostwriting and UX copywriting

3. Homepage is an outbound lead generation-focused copywriting agency that helps early-stage SaaS startups break into new markets and establish brand credibility. 

They aim to gain inbound and organic traffic for their clients and convert users via signups, trials, and demos using a well-constructed funnel.

While copywriting is available as a standalone service, can also be an extension of your inbound and outbound sales team — taking care of sales and business development operations for you. 

Their approach typically involves integrating useful content into outbound outreach sequences, which helps to nurture and convert their clients’ leads. And to ensure they understand your customers inside and out, they use tools like Dealfront and After identifying B2B buyers, they analyze first-party intent data from your website visitors, and then create user personas. 

Some of their best work includes roundup posts, competitor comparison pages, and tutorials for brands like Intuizi, Listly, and Envato. offers:

  • SaaS content marketing
  • Outsourced sales for B2B SaaS
  • Outsourced lead qualification
  • Personalized sales outreach
ServicesRecognizable clients
SaaS content marketingArrears

Pricing: Starts at $2,000/month

Best for: Outsourcing lead qualification

4. Highway One Marketing

Highway One Marketing Homepage

Highway One Marketing is a digital marketing agency for small businesses that covers strategy, implementation, and communication. Their top copywriting service offerings include pay-per-click (PPC) ads copywriting, website copywriting, and email newsletters.

They aim to help businesses grow by creating thoughtful and value-driven strategies, and by delivering excellent customer service. 

Besides offering out-of-the-box marketing services, they conduct in-person and virtual marketing training sessions on platforms like Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Meta Business Suite. They’re also experts at getting your products found on Amazon search and running social ad campaigns that connect you with the right audience. 

Their services include:

  • Content strategy and creation
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • PPC advertising
ServicesRecognizable clients
Content strategy

Pricing: Custom

Best for: Content strategy, PPC ads

5. Campfire Digital

Campfire Digital Homepage

Campfire Digital is a digital marketing agency that specializes in integrated online campaigns for small businesses. 

For their client, Timber, they expanded the reach of their Facebook and Instagram ads to over 100,000 people, resulting in 160 registrations for a 150-unit development’s waiting list. 

They offer a free evaluation of your website and social media where they’ll analyze site and mobile optimization, copy effectiveness, design, and more. Based on their assessment, they’ll offer you tips and best practices to improve your social media presence and enhance the look and feel of your website. 

Their services include:

  • Copywriting, blogging, and content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Online advertising
  • Social media
  • UI/UX design, app design, and graphic design
  • Website design and development
  • Website maintenance
Services Recognizable clients
Digital marketing
Web design and development
Website maintenance
Rhythm Wine & Brews Experience

Pricing: Custom

Best for: Website design, PPC ads

6. Swaycopy

Swaycopy homepage

Swaycopy is owned and run by SaaS content specialist Josh Garofalo. Unlike many copywriters, Josh lives and breathes data-driven, and technology-infused copy that moves the needle on MRR. 

He has worked with top players in the SaaS world—such as Hotjar, HubSpot, and Unbounce—helping them get more leads and sales with targeted copy that speaks to the right audience and is improved and refined by a sea of client performance data. 

Garofalo has managed to produce great results, like generating 200+ enterprise leads from an email campaign and a 35% increase in demo requests, all due to his extensive research and discovery process, and his conversion-focused copywriting.

Swaycopy services include:

  • Pricing page strategy and copywriting
  • Landing pages
  • A/B testing and conversion optimization
  • In-app onboarding microcopy
  • Onboarding emails
  • Long- and short-form sales page copywriting
  • Sales emails
Services Recognizable clients

Pricing: Custom

Best for: Conversion copywriting, email copywriting

7. CaaSocio

CaaSocio Homepage

CaaSocio focuses on building a pipeline of B2B SaaS leads for their clients in just six months. They act as your in-house team and offer full-service sales and marketing alignment to optimize your targeting, sales deck, and sales copy. 

They follow a detailed customer acquisition roadmap that involves identifying your ideal client profile and refining your positioning based on sales data. From your sales pitch, sales assets, outreach messages, and LinkedIn profiles, they’ll rework and optimize everything to strengthen your messaging. 

CaaSocio has a team of 1,000+ copywriters with experience in the SaaS space. They’ve helped companies like RedTrack triple their engagement in just a week. Their strategy involved improving messaging on high-traffic pages and creating follow-up sequences for leads who interacted with the chatbot.

Their copywriting services include:

  • Website copywriting 
  • Product messaging 
  • Brand positioning 
  • Email marketing
ServicesRecognizable clients
Email marketing
Blog content writing
Website copywriting
Product messaging

Pricing: Custom

Best for: B2B sales outreach strategy, website copywriting

Boost brand visibility and qualified traffic with the #1 SaaS SEO copywriting service

Effective copywriting takes years to master. To reap its benefits for your business, partnering with a reputable copywriting agency or service provider is the best way to improve your brand positioning and optimize your conversions. 

Look for a SaaS copywriting agency with a proven track record of driving success for SaaS companies. 

As a SaaS SEO agency, Skale leverages experts across growth SEO, on-page SEO, content creation, technical SEO, and outreach. Our team has exclusive insights across dozens of leading SaaS brands. 

Between crafting conversion-focused copy that drives real business KPIs, to creating user-centric copy to improve your brand messaging, Skale serves all your SEO copywriting and content writing needs. 

Schedule a free consultation call with Skale to discuss your copywriting and content marketing requirements today.

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