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9 SaaS Content Marketing Agencies in 2024: Reviews & Pricing

Create content that generates serious revenue when you work with a SaaS marketing agency from this list.
9 SaaS Content Marketing Agencies in 2024: Reviews & Pricing
Jake Stainer
by Jake Stainer

The SaaS market continues to evolve, with a projected growth of 18% globally in 2024. With around 30,000 SaaS companies existing worldwide, competition is fiercer than ever. 

That’s why investing in a solid SaaS content marketing strategy to attract and convert your ICP, increase brand awareness, and ultimately drive new customer acquisition is a must.

For that, you need to partner with a specialist SaaS content agency that’s capable of driving real business metrics. 

Consider factors such as:

  • Proven SaaS industry experience
  • A track record of exceptional 10x content
  • Impact analysis and reporting services
  • Alignment with your brand’s key performance indicators (KPIs)—like sales or product qualified leads, qualified signups, or monthly recurring revenue (MRR)
  • Success stories and testimonials from their customers

To help in your search, we’ve compiled a list of nine SaaS content marketing agencies that specialize in creating content that drives ROI, and aligns with your goals and KPIs. 

Agency NamePricingServices Offered
SkaleRetainer starting from $4,000/monthSEO growth strategy and execution, paired with CRO, expert-led content creation, link acquisition, technical SEO
KalungiCustomFractional CMO, SaaS marketing, marketing audit
Simple TigerRetainer starting from $4,000/monthTechnical SEO, paid ads, keyword research, AI-powered analysis
accelerate agencyCustomTechnical SEO, content creation, link building
RokettoCustomWeb design, SEO, content creation, inbound marketing
NoGoodCustomSEO, CRO, paid ads, SMS marketing, email marketing
Refine LabsRetainer starting from $27,000/monthCampaign strategy, content creation
Uplift ContentCustomBlogs, ebooks, whitepapers, case studies
GrowfuselyCustomSEO, link building, content creation, content strategy, audit

1. Skale

Skale Homepage

Skale is one of the few SaaS content marketing agencies that focuses on real business KPIs — instead of vanity metrics like traffic and rankings. 

Skale tracks revenue-oriented metrics such as sales-qualified leads (SQLs), qualified signups, and MRR to ensure their content delivers measurable business impact.

Plus, their in-house team actually specializes in SaaS SEO. They’ve worked with top players in the SaaS industry — like HubSpot and Usertesting — and have delivered impactful results, such as: 

  1. Driving a 176% increase in revenue and a 33% decrease in churn within four months
  2. Reaching 70,000 product signups for a transcription and subtitling SaaS platform 

Skale produces expert-led SEO SaaS content that ranks, builds topical authority, and provides useful insights to your readers.

They work as an extension of your marketing team and create SaaS-specific SEO and content strategies that both align with your website and CRM data and your business goals. 

Their content service offerings include:

  • Optimization of existing content; if it’s not ranking now, it will in days or months
  • In-depth topic and competitor research to identify opportunities
  • Strategic content briefs written by SaaS SEO experts
  • Content creation for articles, guides, listicles, and landing pages—all crafted by expert writers
  • Collaboration with your in-house team to perfect your brand voice, personality, and key messaging
  • Expert outreach to enrich content with unique insights and meet E-E-A-T criteria
  • Comprehensive content reviews and quality assurance by senior editors
  • Final checks and publication on your content management system (CMS)
  • Detailed monthly reports outlining the impact your business has seen from its content, so you can track ROI and ongoing value

Recognizable clients: HubSpot, Usertesting, Personio, Appcues, TravelPerk, Flodesk, Recruitee

Pricing: Retainer starting from $4,000/month

Best for: Expert-led SaaS content that drives business revenue

“What I really appreciate about how Skale operates is that they truly feel like an extension of our team. They’re always available on Slack or ready to join meetings and troubleshoot, even outside of our allotted times or the initial scope of work. We’ve been going through a lot of change, with shifting timelines and priorities internally, so this flexibility has been a critical factor in our ability to move quickly.” — Lara White, Senior Director, Digital Marketing at Usertesting

Generate serious revenue from SaaS content

Skale works with SaaS brands to create revenue-nurturing content every day

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2. Kalungi

Kalungi Homepage

Kalungi is a full-service digital marketing agency focused on the SaaS sector. They primarily serve early-stage software companies that don’t have an in-house marketing team.

But no matter which stage of maturity your business is in, Kalungi can help scale your marketing efforts. Unlike most other content agencies, they also offer SaaS marketing coaching and leadership training, which is ideal if you’re looking to train an existing team. 

Since Kalungi offers a full suite of marketing solutions, they’re probably not the best choice if you’re looking for an ultra-specialized SaaS content marketing agency. 

Kalungi’s services include:

  • SaaS marketing coaching for startups and aspiring marketers
  • Fractional CMO services to define and manage your marketing strategy
  • Assistance in building an effective in-house marketing team
  • A marketing audit that provides a detailed view of your current marketing activity

Recognizable clients: Aware360, Clario, CPGVision

Pricing: Custom

Best for: Full-service SaaS marketing

“Kalungi’s SEO content team set out to accomplish dominance in our space in a short time frame. By collaborating with our SMEs and applying an aggressive and comprehensive approach to content creation and optimization, we were able to reach our goals quickly and effectively.” — Connie Whitehouse, VP of Operations at CPGvision

3. Simple Tiger

simpletiger Homepage

Simple Tiger excels at delivering quick SEO and paid media results for SaaS clients. Their approach includes AI-powered keyword research, AI-enhanced workflows, and data-driven intelligence — all of which significantly reduce their time-to-result. 

Their expert team is well-versed in SaaS-specific trends and strategies, meaning your content will be targeted and ultra-relevant to the industry. 

Simple Tiger follows an agile process to help their clients scale. This includes planning and strategizing, defining a project roadmap, and then running and promoting campaigns — all while gathering data for monthly reports and ongoing optimization. 

Simple Tiger’s services include:

  • Content ideation, production, and promotion
  • PPC management
  • Technical SEO 
  • Link-building strategies to improve search authority
  • Keyword research

Recognizable clients: Jotform, Segment

Pricing: Starts at $4,000/month

Best for: Keyword research and PPC services

“Our experience working with the SimpleTiger team has been excellent. I’m happy with the transparent communication and how their team is proactive in pursuing links and aggressively boosting the rankings of our keywords that are most likely to convert.” — Laura Fagundes, Director of Marketing at ContractWorks

4. accelerate agency

accelerateagency Homepage

accelerate agency offers an array of SaaS content marketing services, from content strategy and consultation to content outreach and distribution. 

Their large team of writers, designers, strategists, and marketers leverage their SaaS industry knowledge to create engaging content that’s on brand, user-focused, and meets business objectives — like an increase in product-qualified leads (PQLs), SQLs, and MRR. 

They’ve helped popular SaaS brands such as DataBricks and RingCentral UK scale using a holistic SEO approach that combines technical, onsite, and offsite SEO with content marketing and link building.  

Their work with RingCentral UK led to a 40% increase in annual recurring revenue (ARR) and an ROI of 120:1.

Their services include:

  • SEO strategy 
  • Link building and outreach to establish authority in your niche
  • Technical and on-page SEO 
  • Content services that include blog management, writing, editing, and optimization

Recognizable clients: Dialpad, BrightPearl, DataBricks

Pricing: Custom

Best for: SEO and link-building services

“accelerate scaled RingCentral’s non-brand SEO traffic through link building, technical SEO, and content development to drive 40% growth in annual recurring revenue.” — Richard Conn, Formerly Senior Director Demand Generation at RingCentral

5. Roketto

Roketto Homepage

Roketto is an inbound marketing agency that specializes in creative marketing strategies that deliver results like improved conversion and ROI. Originally a web design agency, they’ve since become a multi-service marketing agency.

Roketto follows a full-funnel approach and prides itself on using consumer research and insights to build timely, solution-based content pipelines that actively grow your business — like the 48.32% month-on-month growth on leads and 37.69% offer conversion rate they secured for an education client. 

While Roketto primarily serves the SaaS industry, they also have experience working in the manufacturing and real-estate sectors — something to consider if you’re looking for an all-rounder content marketing agency.

Their services include:

  • Content development for each funnel stage
  • Content planning
  • Weekly reporting
  • Newsletter and email copy creation
  • Inbound marketing strategy and execution
  • Web design
  • SEO

Recognizable clients: Integricare, The Garage Sale

Pricing: Custom

Best for: Inbound marketing and web design

“We were very impressed with the team at Roketto, and their ability to take our vision and turn it into reality. They had so many great creative design ideas that made our website stand out from our competitors. Roketto also has in-house content writers/editors, which is a huge time saver for us not having to worry about writing our own content.” — Colin Ferguson, Director, Ferguson Land Surveying & Geomatics Ltd

6. NoGood

nogood Homepage

NoGood is not your traditional marketing agency. Their brand is rebellious, unconventional, and creative. They’re not afraid to take risks and experiment to discover the big ideas and strategies that’ll work best for you. 

They’ve worked with many startups and Fortune 500 brands — like TikTok, Nike, and Amazon — and know the SaaS industry inside and out. 

They promise zero fluff and a full focus on increasing revenue. They report that 65% of their clients doubled their revenue in the first six months of working with them: 

  • They increased revenue for JVN Hair by 298% for Q1 2022 compared to Q4 2021
  • They helped ByteDance’s increase their signup rate by 69%

Their marketing services include: 

  • SEO
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Email and video marketing
  • Paid ads
  • SMS marketing

Recognizable clients: ByteDance, Fratelli Carli

Pricing: Custom

Best for: Building strategy through innovation and experimentation

“The NoGood squad relentlessly and patiently challenged our approach to various inbound activities, and completely changed how we think about lead generation via content marketing and automation. They also showed us a new, more effective rhythm around approaching, tracking, and nurturing prospects.” — Jasmine W, Director of Growth Marketing at ByteDance

7. Refine Labs

Refine Labs Homepage

Refine Labs is a B2B digital marketing and demand generation agency that uses strategy, data, and creative execution to drive conversions. 

The agency excels at building new demand, going beyond the narrow 1% who are ready to buy. Their approach to measuring success is refined and detailed and looks at metrics like your qualified high intent revenue opportunities (HIRO) pipeline, pipeline velocity, and ad customer acquisition cost.

They also have a digital product called “The Vault,” which breaks down their demand generation process and shows how it can be applied to other businesses. This is especially useful for startups on tight budgets wanting to learn and apply these strategies themselves. 

Their marketing services include:

  • Campaign strategy
  • Messaging and design
  • Content creation

Recognizable clients: Zappi, Loxo, Splash

Pricing: Retainer starting from $27,000/month

Best for: Demand gen marketing

“The difference we found with Refine Labs vs. other agencies is that they focused on down funnel metrics, not vanity metrics. I have a level of trust with Refine Labs; they act as a true steward of Splash’s dollars and results.” — Kate Hammitt, Chief Marketing Officer at Splash

8. Uplift Content

Uplift Content Homepage

Uplift Content is a B2B SaaS content agency focused solely on content writing. They specialize in creating expert-led SEO content that ranks, brings traffic, and boosts conversion and revenue. 

How? They promise content that makes a real impact on customers — winning them over with helpful, informative, and insightful information. They’ve achieved: 

  • A 435% increase in time on page for client WalkMe
  • A 233% jump in leads from search for client Author-it

Uplift Content’s expert SaaS writers work as an extension of your team, fitting seamlessly into your existing workflow. They also pride themselves on unmatched agility and flexibility. You’re not bound by a contract and only pay for the services used every month. 

Their process involves getting to know your company and its goals, finding stories that match your brand’s voice and style, and seeing campaigns through from strategy to execution. 

Their content creation services include:

  • Blog posts
  • Ebooks
  • Whitepapers
  • Case studies

Recognizable clients: ClickUp, WalkMe, Leandata, Looker

Pricing: Custom

Best for: Content writing services

“Working with Uplift has been great. The quality of work has been fantastic. I can see the research that goes into the posts and they are always right on target. Best of all, we’re seeing a 754% increase in impressions and 785% increase SERP click-throughs.” — Paul Dougherty, Digital Marketing Manager at Author-it

9. Growfusely

Growfusely Homepage

Growfusely is a SaaS content marketing agency that promises results through its user-first and SEO-focused approach. They prioritize growth metrics like customer acquisition — in addition to traffic and brand visibility. They’ve:

  • Achieved a 400% growth in organic traffic for client Mind the Graph over eight months
  • Doubled client JetOctopus’ organic traffic in six months

Their process involves building brand awareness through thought leadership, driving traffic that brings qualified leads, positioning your brand as an authority in your niche, and establishing long-term marketing ROI. 

Their services include:

  • SEO
  • Link building
  • Digital PR
  • Lead magnet creation
  • Content creation
  • Content strategy
  • Content audits
  • Reporting

Recognizable clients: Shopify, Semrush, Trustpilot

Pricing: Custom

Best for: SEO-focused content marketing

“Their talented team crafted some truly high-quality content along with creative illustrations for Unbxd’s email and social campaigns. I’ve worked with countless creative agencies over the years, but Growfusely has been outstanding and rightfully deserves my vote.” — Alloysius Gideon, Ex-Marketing Head (Intl. Markets) at Unbxd

Which of these SaaS content agencies is right for you?

With this list of SaaS specialist B2B content marketing agencies, you’re ready to shortlist your options. 

Here are some tips:

  1. Consider other services they provide. For example, Skale offers link building, SEO strategy consulting and execution, CRO and technical SEO in addition to expert-led SaaS content creation. These services are helpful if you’re looking to turn SEO into a reliable engine for business growth. 
  2. Read their case studies and success stories. Can the agency back up its claims? Review their results and how they were achieved, and consider if that’s something that would work for your business.
  3. Shortlist agencies that align with your budget. Are their services within your budget? Keep in mind that content marketing and SEO are only effective when done well, so a trusted agency with a proven track record is worth the investment. 
  4. Consider their communication process. Would you have a reliable point of contact? Do they send regular reports that make sense for your team? What metrics do they measure? Will their operations and communications systems work for you? 
  5. Assess their industry experience. SaaS content marketing poses unique challenges. You need a specialized content marketing approach that hits the right notes with your target audience, fueling conversions and repurchases.

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Rather than testing different content production strategies in-house and draining marketing resources without any guarantee of results, let Skale take over all things content — strategy, creation, promotion — so you can focus on your core business operations. 

As a growth agency, Skale focuses on turning SEO into a reliable growth engine. Drive SQLs and MRR with targeted, expert-led content that’s supported by a data-backed content strategy. 
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