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Top 11 Content Marketing Agencies: 2024 Reviews and Pricing

Discover the top content marketing agencies that can help you create and distribute content targeted to your customers and improve your brand’s visibility.
Top 11 Content Marketing Agencies: 2024 Reviews and Pricing
Jake Stainer
by Jake Stainer

Is content marketing relevant in 2024? Without a doubt. Not only is content marketing 62% more cost-effective than traditional marketing channels, but it also delivers leads that are six times more likely to convert.

But with changing algorithms and evolving consumer behaviors, publishing random content won’t cut through the noise. You need a winning content marketing strategy that captivates your audience and actually moves the needle on your business goals. 

Navigating the content marketing process on your own can be challenging, especially if you have a lot on your plate, no time to experiment with winning strategies, or are working with a limited marketing budget. 

To help, we’ve compiled a list of the 11 best content marketing agencies to drive business revenue through relevant, strategic, and targeted content marketing.

1. Skale

Skale Homepage

First on our list is Skale, an expert agency that can quickly get your SEO content marketing strategy up and running. 

They’ve worked with notable players — with a special focus on SaaS B2B brands — and have proven their capabilities with consistently outstanding results, like:  

  • Increasing organic traffic to Nathan Latka’s SaaS database website by 568% in just 12 months—outperforming industry heavyweights like Owler and Crunchbase
  • Generating a fourfold increase in organic visits and a tripling of organic product signups in under six months for Maze—a popular testing platform

Being an SEO-focused growth marketing agency, Skale leaves no stone unturned. Their content marketing service both improves your Google ranking and boosts revenue

Their growth marketing approach sets them apart from other content marketing agencies. Skale focuses on real conversion metrics — sales qualified leads, product signups, and new revenue — rather than vanity metrics like online visibility or clicks. 

And while doing the heavy lifting for you, they deliver premium content that’s backed by experts, builds your authority and ultimately drives revenue.

Industries: SaaS, B2B, fintech, tech, AI  

Top services: SEO content creation, on-page SEO, SEO growth strategy, technical SEO, website migration, link building and outreach, conversion rate optimization, revenue modeling 

Recognizable clients: HubSpot, Flodesk, Usertesting, Personio, Appcues, TravelPerk, Recruitee

Cost: From $4,500/month

Best for: Making SEO content a revenue generation channel

“Outsourcing was important for us to move faster on critical parts of our SEO strategy. It allows us to do so with confidence and efficiency. With no prior expertise in-house, doing it by ourselves would have required more time with less chance of success.” — Adrien, Growth Engineer @ Slite

2. North Star Inbound

North Star Inbound

North Star Inbound is an Austin-based content marketing agency specializing in driving organic growth through content creation. They follow a data-driven approach, integrating search intent analysis and AI to create rank-ready SEO content for their clients. 

North Star Inbound mainly focuses on the real estate, online gaming, and fintech industries, and offers digital PR and link-building services alongside content and SEO. Their wins include:

  • Achieving 86,000+ monthly organic visits for language learning platform Preply
  • Generating $3.5 million in traffic value for an online gaming company 

The agency claims to treat every client as an extended member of their team; as such, you’d communicate directly with the delivery team, instead of an account manager. 

Industries: Online gaming, EdTech, equipment rental, fintech

Top services: Content marketing, digital PR, link-building, SEO 

Recognizable clients: Preply, HomeAdvisor, JobSage

Cost: Custom pricing

Best for: Delivering content that builds authority

“I only have good things to say about North Star Inbound. They’re super transparent and always willing to help, even outside the scope of work. Our internal team always asks about what North Star Inbound does because they’re impressed by their work. The team is always happy to share their press releases and what they’ve done, which allows our internal team to flourish and grow.” — Daniele Saccardi, Campaign Manager, Preply

3. Grow and Convert

Grow & Convert Homepage

Grow and Convert is another US-based content marketing agency that’s worked with well-known SaaS brands, including Pilot and Crazy Egg. 

Their bona fides include achieving: 

  • 1,745 free trial signups for a self-serve B2B SaaS client
  • 208,825 organic monthly visitors for a healthcare B2B client 

Grow and Convert specializes in SEO content creation. Instead of chasing high-volume keywords and just driving traffic to produce impressive vanity metrics, they target high-converting terms and gauge their success with new leads and signups acquired. 

Industries: SaaS, cybersecurity

Top Services: Content marketing, SEO, and PPC

Recognizable Clients: Insider, Pilot, Crazy Egg

Cost: Custom pricing

Best for: Conversion-focused content marketing

“They were true thought leaders in the SEO and content marketing spaces. (And generous and transparent about their findings. Their blog is a masterclass.) They reject the conventional belief that content success = more traffic, and instead focus on content as an ongoing driver of revenue (with the data to back their claims up.)”

— Todd Parmley, COO, eWebinar

4. Fractl

Fractl Homepage

Fractl focuses on driving client ROI by increasing organic search and brand engagement, and driving topical authority. 

They use a combination of content marketing, technical SEO, content development, and digital PR, and have worked with brands like Upwork and Office Depot.

The Fractl team can help you achieve specific goals like achieving media mentions from top publishers (like NPR, CBS, and The Washington Post), increasing organic traffic, and acquiring backlinks. 

During the 36 months spent working with Recovery Brands, they snagged their client: 

  • 1,200 featured stories
  • A 1,100% increase in organic traffic
  • More than 4 million views 

Industries: HR, finance, medicine

Top services: Organic growth, content development, digital PR, technical SEO

Recognizable clients: Upwork, Office Depot, Joblist, Discover

Cost: Custom pricing

Best for: Acquiring new customers from organic search

“With Fractl’s help, we gained over 100 new backlinks, which was an impressive metric. Our domain authority for our website rose by 1–2 points. We also saw an improvement in organic and general site traffic. We were really happy with the results and the backlinks.” — Ryan McSweeney, SEO Manager, Electric AI

5. ClickGiant

Click Giant Homepage

Charleston-based content marketing agency, ClickGiant focuses on the e-commerce and manufacturing industries. 

While they’re best known for their SEO services, they also offer web development, design, content creation, PPC management, display advertising, and social media management.

They’ve been in business for over 20 years, since the heyday of print media marketing, and have since evolved into a digital marketing agency. 

Unlike the revenue-focused content marketing agencies on this list, it measures success through rankings and traffic. It’s achieved: 

  • A Google Featured Snippet for its client Victor Barbone for an article that’s raked in 15,808 visits
  • Number 1 rankings for key terms for a B2C sunglasses brand

Industries: Manufacturing, e-commerce, medicine

Top services: SEO, PPC, website design, social media, content marketing

Recognizable clients: Scout Boats, Nectar Sunglasses

Cost: Custom pricing

Best for: Developing custom content that ranks and gets clicks

“Before hiring ClickGiant, the only way to find the Scout Boats website was to type in Scout Boats. Within a few months, they increased our web traffic by 45%. We’re now on page 1 for over 30 great search terms. I love where ClickGiant has taken our website marketing. I highly recommend them to anyone with a website.” Alan Lang, National Sales Manager, Scout Boats

6. Gosling Media

Gosling Media Homepage

Gosling Media is a design-focused content marketing agency based in New York. They specialize in serving B2B businesses and produce high-quality content at scale. 

With a quick turnaround time, expert team, and iterative approach to content marketing, Gosling Media delivers transformative results, faster. 

The full-service marketing agency delivers many marketing services — including paid ads, copywriting, video animation, and print designs. 

So, if you’re interested in outsourcing your entire marketing function to one agency, definitely check them out. 

Industries: SaaS, marketing, equipment supply

Top services: Ads, copywriting, branding, content design, web development

Recognizable clients: Arbill, AM Marketing, MediaMath

Cost: Monthly retainers

Best for: All-round marketing services

“Our brands are much better defined and understood by all stakeholders—staff, prospective residents, current residents, and their families. Our website traffic is streamlined as to easily receive inquiries on individual sites.” — Samantha Raynor, CMO, LiveWell Group

7. NowSourcing

NowSourcing Homepage

NowSourcing is a Louisville-based content marketing agency that’s all about effective visual communication. 

They specialize in infographic design, paired with presentation content, video, motion graphic services, whitepapers, and more — and have a track record of securing excellent brand visibility for their clients. 

They’ve worked with top brands, including FedEx, Forbes, and Adobe, to create high-quality creative, and their client work has been picked up by top publishers, like Wired Magazine, The Guardian, and TechCrunch.

Industries: SaaS, tech

Top services: Graphics, whitepapers, video production

Recognizable clients: Upworthy, Adobe, Google, National Geographic Channel

Cost: Custom pricing

Best for: Infographics, digital PR

“We’ve had tremendous success in partnering with NowSourcing for infographic concept development, production and promotion on several projects. The infographics are very effective for brand awareness building, link building for Search Engine Optimization, and even lead generation. One infographic that we developed talked about the Most Expensive Keywords on Google was prominently featured in Wired Magazine, The Guardian, and TechCrunch and about 100 other sites.” Larry Kim, Founder/CTO, WordStream, Inc. and Mobile Monkey

8. Eucalypt Media

eucalypt homepage

Eucalypt Media is a small content marketing agency and enterprise SEO firm based in Jacksonville, Florida. They focus on brand storytelling to increase your brand awareness and engage prospective customers.

What makes this team stand out from the crowd? They’re a cocktail of editorial experts, strategists, storytellers, and graphic designers, with varied expertise in sectors like tech, life sciences, finance, and engineering. 

They develop high-growth SEO and content marketing strategies for SMBs, startups, and enterprise brands: like Zendesk, LinkedIn, and Atlassian.

Some of their results are: 

  • Delivering 80 optimized landing pages in a two-month period for an email delivery platform client, and generating a 225% increase in first-page ranking keyword results
  • Delivering a 200% social following increase for a Fortune 1000 client in the engineering sector

If you’re a startup needing support building your content strategy from scratch, they may be a good fit for you. 

Industries: Oil and energy, IT services, SaaS

Top services: Branding, marketing consulting and audits, content marketing

Recognizable clients: Zendesk, LinkedIn, Atlassian

Cost: Starts at $5,000

Best for: Crafting high-ranking pages, at scale

“The workflow was quite effective, we were never held up on our progress. They were responsive, and we communicated back and forth.  They reported all their work in a centralized portal, which was easy to use and excellent at tracking our progress.” — Devin Rogozinski, Head of Talent Brand, Atlassian

9. Breezy Content

Breezy Content Homepage

Breezy Content is a Dallas-based content marketing agency that can take over all your content platforms and channels — including blog, social media, lead gen, and email. It’s just like having an entire marketing team at your disposal, without the expense. 

They adopt a result-driven approach to content creation, ensuring that each piece is impactful, rankable, and aligned with your business goals. 

Breezy Content is an ideal fit for small businesses and startups looking for affordable, sustainable, and scalable content marketing plans. 

They also offer an in-house content management software that brings together all project analytics, calendars, feedback, and deliverables — making collaboration easier for all. 

Industries: Coaching, agencies, finance, nonprofit

Top services: SEO writing, content design, social media management, lead generation

Recognizable clients: B.Well Consulting, Upside CFO

Cost: Starts from $800/month

Best for: Taking care of all your content marketing needs

“Project management was fine. Everything was provided in calendar form with highlights on activities needing our personal attention. it’s very easy to deal with Breezy. They listen to customer input and are receptive to guidance.” Robert McMillan, Owner & President, ScotCro, LLC

10. Idea Hall

ideahall Homepage

Idea Hall Creative communications agency focused on leveraging talent and technology to do good. 

They implement 360-degree integrated marketing services, covering branding, PR, content marketing, and digital marketing: meaning they can cover a major chunk of your marketing needs.

Rather than focusing on quantity, they prioritize quality, purpose-driven content that creates a lasting impression and boosts brand awareness. 

Businesses needing an all-encompassing content partner are a good match for Idea Hall. Plus, it helps if you’re a public agency, nonprofit, or healthcare organization; they specialize in these areas. 

Success stories include: 

  • Bi-annual Cystinosis Magazine, for the Cystinosis Research Foundation, credited for driving nearly $25,351 in fundraising contributions in 2021
  • An increased social media following of 172.4% and increase in link clicks of 898.1% for Be Well OC, following its 2019 campaign

Industries: Construction, healthcare, nonprofits, education, impact 

Top services: Content strategy, PR services, content marketing, branding

Recognizable clients: Hendy, Chapman University, Juniper Square

Cost: Custom pricing

Best for: PR branding and social media

“The project generated several high profile print articles, which in turn generated a dozen requests for in-person meetings with business and civic groups to explore the potential solutions to the problem.” Marshall Toplansky, Co-Author & Principal Researcher, Chapman University

11. Volume Nine

Volume Nine Homepage

Volume Nine is an established Denver-based content marketing agency with a strong reputation. 

They’re a full-service agency, providing SEO, social media, and content development. They serve clients across many industries, including e-commerce, consumer products, B2B brands, and health and fitness. 

From developing strategy to executing the content, Volume Nine takes care of it all for you. They describe themselves as a “get it done” type of agency, meaning you won’t be bogged down by meetings, or feedback loops. 

They’ll align with how you work, and promise content that’s focused on driving results: like more traffic and conversions. They boast:   

  • A 40% increase in booking growth for American Adventure Expeditions, following their content strategy rollout
  • Over 864 conversions, following content improvements, additions, and a new blog for TUUCI 

Industries: B2B, B2C, e-commerce

Top services: SEO, social media, content creation

Recognizable clients: Fiji Water, Backcountry

Cost: From $2,000 per month

Best for: User-first approach to content marketing

“As a startup in a very competitive industry, we know how critical digital marketing is for our business. Our marketing team is small, so we are fortunate that Volume Nine can perform as a true partner and extension of our own internal team. We are very pleased with how the V9 team is helping us leverage digital to not only drive online traffic and brand awareness but also increase our in-store product sales.” — Katie Lowry, Brand Manager at PanTheryx, Inc

How to find the best content marketing agency

Now that you have our list of top content marketing agencies, consider which matches your marketing goals, budget, and the specific services you’re looking to outsource. 

Here are some of our best tips to help you find the right fit. 

Tip #1: Assess industry expertise

Consider a content marketing agency with proven experience in your niche. This ensures your content is relevant to your target audience and resonates with their needs; helping you attract the right prospects and maximize ROI. 

Say you’re in healthcare. An agency that understands medical terminology and healthcare compliance would stand out. Working with a generic agency—with no specialized knowledge—could do more harm than good.

Consider these factors when assessing the industry expertise of a content marketing agency:

  • Understanding of target audience: Can they demonstrate insight into your target audience? To create content your audience will actually connect with, they must understand your audience’s preferences, behaviors, and pain points.
  • Knowledge of competitors: Do they understand your position in the market? They should be familiar with your main competitors, including their strengths, weaknesses, and overall market positioning.
  • Awareness of industry trends: Are they plugged into your industry? Staying current with industry trends is table stakes to create content that’s relevant and captures your audience’s attention.
  • Experience with similar clients: Can they point to relevant case studies? Firsthand industry knowledge is invaluable when developing and executing an effective content strategy.

Tip #2: Evaluate their content quality

To know if a content agency suits your business needs, assess their content. Most agencies publish regular content on their blog—sharing their expertise, experience, and processes. 

This makes it easy to assess their quality and get a peek behind the curtain. 

Here’s what to look for:

  • A consistent brand voice: Do they have a consistent brand voice across multiple channels? This shows they have a well-defined brand and writers who are skilled enough to adapt their TOV. You’ll need this.
  • Creativity and originality: Effective content marketing goes beyond simply sharing information. Make sure the agency has original and fresh content in its portfolio: including factual, expert-led, and thought-leadership content.
  • Depth of research: Evaluate whether the agency’s content demonstrates a deep understanding of industry trends, highlights relevant data, and relies on accurate and reputable information. If they conduct expert outreach and interviews, even better. 

Tip #3: Discuss measurement and analytics

Content marketing work doesn’t end when you hit “publish.” Measurement and iteration separate mediocre content marketing agencies from those that’ll actually drive business revenue.

Your chosen content marketing agency should be able to provide these metrics, tailoring their analysis to what’s important for your business.

Here are some tips:

  • Define your KPIs: Set clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) before looking to hire an agency—such as monthly recurring revenue (MRR), sales qualified leads, product signups, conversion rates, or brand engagement. 
  • Analytics reporting: Ask about the agency’s approach to analytics reporting. They should provide custom reports tailored to your KPIs and business objectives, rather than vanity metrics that have no impact on your bottom line.

Team up with a content marketing agency to optimize your content workflow 

Navigating the digital landscape requires more than an online presence. You need a strategic and impactful online footprint. 

By outsourcing to a content marketing agency, you can produce and distribute high-quality content that attracts, engages, and inspires your target audience.

And with your content requirements taken care of, you can focus on other core operations that drive business growth. 

Each content market agency in the list above brings a unique blend of industry expertise, creativity, and strategic thinking to the table. 

Skale handles all your SEO content marketing needs — from SEO strategy to content creation and link-building. We deliver premium, research-driven articles that build authority in your niche and impact business revenue. 

Ready to kick your content marketing into gear? Schedule a free call with Skale today. 


Question #1: Why should I hire a content marketing agency?

Content marketing agencies specialize in creating strategic and targeted content that resonates with your audience, enhances brand visibility, and drives engagement. 
Their expertise can save you time, optimize your resourcing and spending, and deliver measurable results that impact business revenue.

Question #2: What criteria should I consider when selecting a content marketing agency?

Consider factors such as industry expertise, customer reviews, content quality, understanding of your target audience, and the agency’s approach to measurement and analytics. 
Look for a partner whose values align with your brand and who can tailor strategies to your specific goals.

Question #3: Do content marketing agencies specialize in certain industries?

Yes, many content marketing agencies specialize in specific industries. Choosing an agency with expertise in your industry ensures a better understanding of your audience, competitive landscape, and industry-specific challenges — leading to more effective content strategies.

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