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8 Best Blogger Outreach Services in 2024

8 Best Blogger Outreach Services in 2024
Stanislava Smiljanic
by Stanislava Smiljanic

TL;DR: Didn’t harvest nice rankings during this link farming crop season? That last round of links fail to “wow” Google… ending up with (link)disavow? Blogger outreach is your solution to get relevant, authoritative links without risking penalizations—and you can build relevant business partnerships in the process.

Blogger outreach might be the missing link your digital marketing strategy needs. It’s an amazing way to boost rankings, increase the authority of online domains, and drive traffic that converts into business revenue. 

But how do you actually link your way to the top? 

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Blogger outreach: Building relationships, not just backlinks

Building online authority is similar to building muscle mass. Except instead of growing different muscle groups, you’re growing the authority of your service pages. And blogger outreach is the heavy lifting driving those gains. 

Blogger outreach is simple and complex, depending on how you look at it. 

On a basic level, you’re just sending emails to people in your niche. But when you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, you’re effectively training a neural network to help your business grow. 

Here’s an unpopular opinion: most blogger outreach campaigns aren’t properly executed.

Kermit the frog link building meme

The main reason most blogger outreach campaigns fail is that they are rushed. Exceptional links are always harder to obtain. Time constraint is the usual constraint, and before you know it, you’re looking for easy fixes, like: 

PBNs (Private Blog Networks), Fiverr, bulk email sending, and the never-ending spreadsheets sent out from shady resellers. 

But these techniques don’t pay in the long run. You may get a wake-up call with penalization, or even worse — everything suffers a slow decline into obscurity. 

These quick-fix links are like junk food, with  zero genuine impact on your traffic, leads, or new customers.

Spongebob gif offering a long list of high DA websites

‘’Hello ma’am, here’s the list of 50+ DA HIGH-QUALITY WEBSITES that accept Casino, CBD and Vape, they can also work for your business!’’

So when choosing the best blogger outreach service, you need to weigh your options carefully. But don’t worry, we have you prepared.  

In this article, we’ll cover the following:

👉 Blogger outreach services 101

👉 Best blogger outreach services to hire in 2024

👉 Key success metrics for your outreach campaigns

👉 Best practices for a successful blogger outreach campaign

Blogger outreach services 101: What is a blogger outreach service?

Blogger outreach involves sending targeted messages to reputable websites or blog owners in your business niche, to have their site link back to yours.

Ideally, it looks like this:

  1. You start by finding relevant blogs in your niche — like startups or businesses that are not your direct competitors, but are complementary to your business. 
  2. Check their social media presence and profiles, then make a list of relevant contacts.
  3. Get familiar with the blogger and their work.
  4. Craft a personalized outreach strategy that’s sure to grab their attention.
  5. Ask for a link, and offer something in return.
  6. Watch the SERP magic happen! 

See? It’s so simple. Now go get those beautiful links!

In the real world, these steps actually each have ten additional subtasks of their own. Just like in video games, you’ll need to choose from many dialogue options and hope for the best ending. Not to mention that every niche has its own complexities. 

You can’t approach a serious financial or cybersecurity business in the same manner as you would a digital marketing website. You’ll also need to master the art of negotiation and patience. 

Blogger outreach is not for the faint-hearted. There’s a lot of ghosting, rejections, and long threads, with no guarantee you’ll end up with a closed deal. Or with the specific link you expected. 

Horse betting website link building meme

With everything mentioned above, it’s a pretty logical conclusion to want to hire a blogger outreach service. After all, obtaining links is a marathon, not a sprint. 

Sure, you could try to automate your outreach, sending hundreds of templated emails, but that’s like playing a broken record and expecting a hit song. Better to have experts who know how to hit the right notes and bring harmony to your outreach efforts.

Here are a few situations where help from a reputable company can come in handy:

  • Your brand is expanding and you want to reach new target audiences. A diverse backlink portfolio can help you with that.
  • You lack the skills to craft personalized outreach emails or you’re not a confident content creator and prefer to pass that on to the experts.
  • You want to create a project-based campaign and need help to execute it properly.
  • You’re confused about metrics and determining website quality and relevancy.

Blogger outreach agencies are well-versed in building meaningful relationships. Plus they already have established relationships with bloggers, which is perfect for your business’s initial takeoff.

And remember, one high-quality link a day keeps penalization away! It’s always better to find that one rare link, rather than 100 links with zero relevance.

The difference between blogger outreach and guest posting

Often lobbed into the same category, these two link-building strategies are essentially the same, BUT there’s an important difference. 

“Guest posting” in a subject line is quickly ignored by website owners. There are simply too many of these requests coming through, reducing this whole strategy to spammy nonsense and giving the entire SEO community a bad name. 

That’s why guest posting outreach is a living organism that’s constantly reinventing itself to stand out from the crowd. 

Guest post services homer simpson meme

Also, guest posting is often a one-time collaboration. Blogger outreach services? That’s all about lasting business relationships and offering more value than just links.

Benefits of hiring blogger outreach services

Blogger outreach is still one of the most effective and relevant marketing strategies. SEO is not dead and AI will never automate this process. 

The most notable benefits include:

  • Significantly higher SEO rankings
  • Boost in traffic, leads, and conversions
  • Expanding client and customer base
  • Increased your brand awareness
  • Higher website authority
  • Achieving overall business goals and key marketing metrics

Do we have your attention — or do we need to send you a follow up once again?

Blogger outreach services to hire in 2024

Now that we covered what blogger outreach can do for your online presence, let’s see who can make it happen.

1. Skale

Skale homepage

Skale partners with exceptional websites for exceptional results. During ancient times, before the pandemic, they were fondly known as outreach humans. 

Yet even after their rebrand, Skale has shown how their human touch remains at the very core of the entire outreach process. 

They believe that a personalized approach goes a long way, and are always ready to offer something of value to their prospects.

Skale is focused on driving real business impact (think getting more customers and revenue), not a bunch of irrelevant traffic.

What makes Skale blogger outreach services exceptional:

🕵️‍♂️ An experienced outreach team always searching for valuable linking opportunities. Blogger outreach is half alchemy, half detective work. Skale delivers hand-picked link-building opportunities right to your doorstep. Links will be just as Google wants them: 100% organic and natural. 

When it comes to metrics, they focus on relevancy above all. Their outreach team filters prospects carefully, looking for established websites with 30+ DR and at least 1,000+ monthly visits. But not all traffic is created equal, so this is where Skale digs deep to find the best prospects.

🚫 They avoid PBNs at all costs. Skale knows the usual suspects, with their trained eyes quickly spotting nefarious websites (similar designs and themes filled with casino backlinks, bombarded with spammy anchors, and with declining traffic.) That’s a big no-no.

✍🏾  Content written for humans, by humans. They deliver articles that will rank on SERP and will match potential prospects’ content strategy. They also seek unique keyword and topic opportunities, not generic titles and “ultimate guides” for everything. 

🚀 Personalization is key. Once their outreach team receives their link-building targets from their growth team, they analyze each prospect individually to craft a unique approach. 

🥇 They have a proven track record in the SaaS SEO industry. Instead of sending a list of built links, they offer a deep analysis of the impact of their links. How many new sign-ups are they driving to your business? How much have your keyword rankings improved?

🧩 Skale is a pioneer in the field of fractal SEO. All parts of your website are equally important. If they notice untapped potential beyond outreach, they’ll help you locate and seize those opportunities. 

🌐 Multilingual outreach. They boast outreach in both English and Spanish markets and are planning a global expansion.

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fatjoe homepage

FATJOE has become a household name in the world of SEO, providing a holistic approach to the entire process. Since 2012, they have delivered nearly 200,000 orders. Impressive numbers!

Fat Joe rap meme

Their blogger outreach services are a reliable and results-oriented solution for brands looking to elevate their online presence through strategic collaborations with influential bloggers.

These SEO seniors (SEOniors?) offer tiered pricing based on your business needs. You can tailor your package with guest posts or niche placements, digital PR services, infographics, and multilingual outreach.

The FATJOE team are committed to transparency and measurable results. They pride themselves on genuine outreach and magazine quality level links.

FATJOE  empowers brands to make informed decisions and continuously optimize their blogger outreach strategies for maximum impact.

3. LinkBuilder Homepage

Of course, when you have link builder in your brand name, you need to live up to it and provide links with style and substance. This team’s link-building process includes 20 different link-building strategies, which is impressive. And they don’t take any shortcuts, as they’re all white-hat SEO strategies.

LinkBuilder customize outreach efforts based on the client’s expertise and industry. Whether suggesting guest posts for clients with industry-specific knowledge or employing a linkable asset strategy for websites with unique content. LinkBuilder’s outreach messages are finely tuned to resonate with diverse blogging communities. 

The longevity of their client relationships, spanning multiple years, is the best proof of the effectiveness of their blogger outreach strategy.

4. Outreach Crayon

Outreach Crayon Homepage

It’s impossible to illustrate how important blogger outreach is without mentioning Outreach Crayon.

Outreach Crayon provides white-label link-building services to over 200 SEO agencies across 106 countries. Founded in 2016, they’ve gathered a team of experts in digital marketing with 14+ years of experience.

They specialize in blogger outreach, especially broken link strategies. Their primary focus is eCommerce SEO. They also offer infographics outreach, so if you’re looking for creative ways to reach new audiences, Outreach Crayon can help.

5. Outreach Monks

Outreach Monks Homepage

We know that SEO is like a modern religion. Some believe in its impact, some don’t, and everything is in the hands of our lord and savior Google Almighty. 

Imagine a tranquil SEO monastery, where instead of chanting, the monks are deep in the art of link-building. That’s Outreach Monks for you. If you want your website to reach enlightenment and better rankings, while you remain totally zen, here are their key features:

  • Custom link building: Each strategy is tailored like a monk’s robe, fitting the specific needs of the client
  • Holistic approach: It’s about building relationships for long-term SEO success
  • Diverse client base: From small businesses to global enterprises, Outreach Monks offers a range of services that can help their clients reach digital nirvana
  • Transparent reporting: Keeping clients in the loop with real-time progress updates, they ensure you’re never left wondering about the progress of your digital pilgrimage

6. OnlyOutreach a.k.a. Outreach Labs

outreach labs homepage

We can just imagine link juice bubbling in the vials of Outreach Labs. They are a B2B and B2C link-building agency servicing marketers and operators struggling to crack their link-building code. 

Their mantra is honesty over profitability, so they only utilize organic and white-hat strategies. 

Outreach Labs offer flexible packages that are hourly based. You can choose the number of links and enjoy divine intervention from their experts: SEO Strategist, Link Prospector, Link Negotiator, Content Writer, and Project Manager — that’s a lot of players to unlock.

They offer tailored services to eCommerce, SaaS, and affiliate brands. 

7. BibiBuzz

BibiBuzz Homepage

If you want to create a buzz around your website, do it with style. BibiBuzz don’t just spend time sending emails, but craft content strategies that attract and earn links naturally. 

Their promise is: Natural links by humans and not automation. Plus, when you visit their website they offer you some coffee, which is really polite. 

Here’s what makes their services unique:

They take a highly targeted approach and craft links that add value to your backlink portfolio and to your business.

They offer 24/7 reporting, so if you have insomnia and wonder about your links at 3am, you can get your report without issue.

The BibiBuzz equation for success is: Great SEO content services + perfect prospects = awesome links.

8. Page One Power

Page One Power Homepage

With great power comes a great responsibility. These guys, based in Idaho, definitely have the power to drive tectonic changes to your online presence.

They offer an array of services from guest posting and custom link-building campaigns, to resource link building, and even white-label services and enterprise SEO.

Their formula to success is a mix of sustainable link building backed up by strategic content creation. 

Page One Power also offers SEO on-demand services, where you can get valuable insights for beginners and experts alike — all in 30 minutes. So you’ll be ready when the new Google algorithm drops.

Biggest don’ts when doing blogger outreach

You shall not pass my spam filter link building meme

The key is to be as transparent about your intentions as possible and to provide your prospects with something of value. 

But often, people fail to offer something that prospects will actually appreciate. Make sure to emphasize the benefit they’d receive from your collaboration.

If you pitch an article title that’s clearly generated in ChatGPT and not at all aligned with their website theme or content strategy, you’ll be left on “seen” and back at square one.

Back in the dark old times, it was completely normal to lie to people online. 

We from the link building world aren’t proud of that era, but there are still people out there pretending to be an excited blogger wanting to contribute to a prospect’s website and casually leave a link in the body of the text. Not suspicious at all.

How are you fellow bloggers from my niche meme

Honesty is always the best policy. In fact, take it a step further and head to online communities from your niche and try to actually connect with people. Share ideas, brainstorm, and find common ground. 

A great strategy is to check on the website’s content gap. See what their competitors are doing and find some low-hanging fruit, then pitch an article that they actually need. 

Another mistake your outreach team is likely making is giving up after the first email. Bloggers are humans, as we all are. 

How many times have you wanted to reply to an email, but something else came up? Send polite reminders and see what happens. 

It’s not the end of the world.

Be careful not to ignore the power of social media either. Once you find a prospect that seems promising, check their social media presence. Consider taking a different route and making your first contact there. A familiar face and name will create a sense of trust and you’ll stand a better chance. 

Being too casual can be a red flag. We sure love puns, memes and laughs, but is it suitable or effective if you’re pitching to a serious website from the cybersecurity niche? 

You need to treat your prospects with respect and learn to read the (chat)room. If the website tone allows you to be punny, go for it. But remember to show appreciation for their work; they’re likely proud of it, after all.

Importantly, be prepared to accept “no” as an answer. It happens. A major aspect of this job is learning to handle rejection, because it happens. You don’t want to harass people or give your brand a bad name. 

And once again, you are contacting regular humans. So be yourself and be respectful. They probably have an awesome sense of humor as well!

Here’s what one blogger said when asked if the links would be permanent:

Link building during nuclear war joke email

Successful outreach campaigns in Skale


MoonPay is the only crypto and finance SaaS client we’ve had at Skale. They were our client for over two years and we had an amazing opportunity to get creative with outreach and link-building content. 

The crypto niche is amazingly complex, so you need to think outside the box… and outside your inbox. Our outreach team reached out to many crypto communities to establish meaningful relationships.

MoonPay helped us expand our horizons even more because our team worked with highly converting — yet highly commercial — anchors and keywords. Skale was in charge of regular blogger outreach, but also brand mentions and top-tier links from reputable websites.

Our biggest challenge was that the crypto niche was expensive. There was also a stigma around crypto products from high-quality websites. 

Our team managed to find common ground with some amazing bloggers and brands, establishing MoonPay as a leading brand. We aimed for the Moon(Pay) and they are now among the stars. 

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Skale grew Rezi’s revenue 176% in just 4 months with solid link building

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How to do blogger outreach properly?

Glad you asked. You’ve reached this final part of the article, so we can finally share some useful tactics that’ll help you execute a successful blogger outreach campaign:

  • Do your research thoroughly before you start building your prospect list
  • Find the right contact. We can’t stress this enough. You need highly targeted prospects, not generic email addresses
  • Craft a personalized approach based on their voice, tone, and online presence. It is always great to compliment bloggers on their hard work and show that you’ve actually read their posts
  • Offer something valuable in return: help them promote their content, or offer a missing piece of their content strategy puzzle, or offer new content that can act as a link magnet
Blogger outreach email example
  • Don’t underestimate the power of a great subject line. Content collaboration does the trick, but it’s basic. Play with emojis, pitch the article headline in the subject line, or ask a question
  • Never underestimate the power of your email signature
  • Don’t give up. Send follow-ups, try alternative contacts, or contact them via social media
  • Be diplomatic and always show respect; they’ll appreciate how you reach out to them
  • If you get your article published, share it on social media
Blogger outreach email example

So are you ready to kickstart your first blogger outreach campaign? If you find it overwhelming, know that we can help you Skale up your online presence. 

Contact us right away… or even better, drop us your email and let us pitch to you, so you can see how we do things around here. 

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What are Blogger outreach services?

Blogger outreach services involve reaching out to reputable bloggers in a specific niche to collaborate on content creation and promotion. 
These services aim to establish partnerships, secure guest posts, or obtain product reviews. These enhance brand visibility and credibility by leveraging the blogger’s audience and expertise in the field.

How effective is blogger outreach?

Blogger outreach is one of the most effective marketing strategies for promoting your brand, disseminating your content, and building backlinks. 

By tapping into established bloggers’ audiences and credibility, businesses can enhance their online presence, reach new audiences, and gain valuable endorsements, leading to increased brand awareness and trust within the target market.

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