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8 Top Link Building Services: 2024 No BS Guide

8 Top Link Building Services: 2024 No BS Guide
Stanislava Smiljanic
by Stanislava Smiljanic

Want to get backlinks without breaking your bank or your back in the process? Link building services can help you save both.

If you run a business, you’re likely acting like a one-man band with an ever-growing list of responsibilities. 

You’ve probably already established an online domain, chosen a perfect website theme, and paid for hosting… and are ready to yell “We are open!’’ into the digital space. 

But you won’t get an answer back, because voice search will never be a thing no matter what all those online articles say. 

But link building will always be around. Think of backlinks as the GPS for your website—they help search engines navigate online terrain

For link building, you just need a couple of things:

⏰ Time Lord level time management

🧘 Buddhist monk levels of patience

🕵️ Extensive knowledge of digital marketing, SEO, communication, and negotiation

In other words… exactly what you don’t have. After all, if you had this skillset you’d probably be somewhere in a galaxy far away, working for the Galactic Alliance. 

Don’t be a “broken link” in the chain of success. Link building is something that you can easily outsource and get tangible results in no time. 

We will be your online GPS for finding a great link building service that will help you build a proper backlink backbone for your website.

Looking for the best link building services worth your time and money? Start here! 

What are link building services and how can they help?

Let’s start by demystifying what link building services actually are. 

Link building is the process of acquiring high-quality backlinks from other websites to your site. These backlinks act as virtual endorsements, a “thumbs up” that your website is indeed a source of great content and reputable information.

Can’t get more relevant than this!

But why is it so important to hire a reputable link building service agency?

These professionals have forged their skills in the neverending turmoil of algorithm changes, by identifying valuable linking opportunities, conducting outreach campaigns, and crafting persuasive content that encourages other websites to link back to their clients’ content. 

By leveraging their expertise, you can save precious time and effort while reaping the benefits of increased organic traffic and improved search engine rankings.

A skilled link building service provider will assess your website’s current standing, identify areas for improvement, conduct competitor analysis, and develop a custom strategy tailored to your specific goals.

So whether you’re running a small business, a top SaaS brand, or managing a large-scale e-commerce site, a reputable link-building expert can provide immense value by amplifying your online presence and driving traffic to your website.

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Link building: All the horrors that are lurking in the background

Link building is like that famous trope from the movies. You enter an antique shop full of magical items that give you special powers—but each item is cursed and comes with a hidden price. 

The same goes with link juice (link juice is the value of one website transferred to another via backlinks).

With links, you get what you pay for. Although they might seem intangible, links do have value—just like any other product.

An untrained eye might miss subtle details and serious red flags. For instance, there are many penalized websites lurking around disguised as “premium link building services.” 

We know many examples of “experts” taking the short route and offering personalized blogger outreach services, while in reality they’re working on the dark side and using private blog networks (PBNs).

So, you need to know exactly what you’re paying for. In the best case scenario, you get what you pay for. In the worst case… you also get what you pay for. 

We know it’s complicated, so here are some useful tips when hiring link building services.

Breaking down link value

Getting a genuine link placement that appears organic takes time and resources. Genuine link building service providers will make sure your links fit like a glove, whether through guest posting or link insertion.

Link-building costs often look like this:

  • Publishing fees: There are free options, but most websites will ask for a symbolic fee. 
  • Outreach team efforts: You’ll need someone well-versed in outreach strategies and negotiation tactics.
  • Writing costs: Depending on the website quality, you may need talented writers to craft a minimum of 1,500 words per placement. 
  • Order control and order review: When the above is completed, you should be able to track progress and review the quality of your link placement. 

When you do the math, you’ll soon realize that a high-quality link that brings tangible value to your website will cost between $400 and $750 per placement. 

Maybe this seems costly and ten $200 links sound like a better deal, but remember that the quality of links always beats quantity. 

Please don’t “write for us”

The SEO world is a confusing place, because if you want to contribute to other people’s websites, the most logical thing is to search for the term “write for us.” Right?

Well, no.

That was a thing when SEO was much younger and more naive. These days, websites with “write for us,” “contribute,” or “submit article” are considered spammy. The road to hell starts with good intentions; all these websites originally wanted to help people get the exposure they desperately needed. 

But in only a few years, these sites became notorious in link building circles because people used them in ways we never thought possible.

Here’s why you should avoid these sites at all costs:

  • Websites with “write for us” are often built with the sole purpose of link farming. So no, they won’t help you—even if you own a website with an agricultural niche.
  • Spam attracts spam. Shady link resellers will add these sites to their sheets and ignore the warning signs.
  • Don’t waste your writer’s time on something like this. They may be able to write the best article ever, but these sites will soon be overflowing with generic 400-word articles brimming with casino links in the first paragraph.
  • Google knows. In the best case, they’ll just ignore your link gardening talents. In the worst case, they’ll reward your efforts with penalization. But hey, at least you’ll be first somewhere!
  • If you own a reputable business, you don’t want it mentioned alongside gambling, pharma, or adult links and topics. 

So if your link building service provider shows you links with “write for us,” you should probably skip “work with us.”

These guest posting people are “really eager to share these website lists with you”

One of the most important things to remember about link building services: if they’re from Fiverr, they’ll give your website a fever. Digital dengue fever, probably. 

Website owners are often overwhelmed by the number of link building offers they receive daily, and some will be naive enough to hit the reply button. 

We all suffer from a chronically full inbox, and I bet 90% are guest posting requests. 

Or random outreachers who send you long spreadsheets without consent, giving you so many options to choose from… isn’t that great?


These links are a shortcut to the Penalization Hall of Fame. 

Let’s see a spammy inbox example first-hand. This inbox is like an online Met Gala that’s merged with the world of Ice and Fire. Is guest posting now some kind of Hollywood MLM scheme? 

As you can see, all subject lines are straightforward about their guest post intentions.

And they’re not even creative with their fake names anymore:

This one takes the cake… Can I call you “Randy?” 

When I said “get familiar with the website owner” this is not something I had in mind:

Reverse uno card? Now you’re asking me to send you fresh guest post platforms?

Highly authoritative websites that are household names in their niche will offer pricey options, often with promotion on social media included. 

But this gets tricky — spammy websites are sometimes disguised as decent websites and ask for a similar amount of money. 

An untrained eye may easily miss some red flags. 

Their traffic is booming? Yes, but from where? 

What are their top pages? 

Are there any suspicious keywords or anchors lurking in the background? 

Is there a shiny “write for us” button, or have you noticed that the website has a few clones with generic content? 

If so, they’re definitely not worth your attention. 

Rather, you need someone who recognizes the true value of your prospects. Of course, sometimes you can’t avoid getting a price list in your replies, but try to be diplomatic and offer a different kind of value than monetary. 

You’re crafting a business relationship, not just a business transaction.

Zero traffic, zero value

Imagine this scenario: you just found a website that looks really good. The design is fantastic, you can see that topics are in line with your content for link building, and you reach out to them to arrange a link. But nothing happens.

Why is that the case? 

Zero traffic is the problem.

Maybe the website is still brand new in the market, or and they want to be part of an exclusive “cool kids club” with their link building partnerships. 

Maybe resellers decided to build a few websites from scratch and sell them for a lower price.

Motivations vary, but the conclusion is the same: to transfer value, the website first has to have some value in Google’s eyes. Always double-check the traffic metrics in Ahrefs or Semrush, looking for a minimum of 500+ visits per month.

Metrics for success and quality control

DA, DR, PBN… so many new terms, but which ones actually matter for a link building campaign? Check out this cheat sheet. 

Two metrics you’ll often see mentioned in SEO circles are domain rating (DR) and domain authority (DA). 

Domain authority, developed by Moz, is a score ranging from 1 to 100 that predicts how well a website is likely to rank on search engine result pages. 

Domain rating, on the other hand, is a metric by Ahrefs that evaluates the strength of a website’s backlink profile. 

It is also measured on a scale from 0 to 100 and considers the quantity and quality of backlinks to determine the authority of a domain. 

Unpopular opinion: These are relevant, but they’re also vanity metrics. Someone had to say it. These are easy to manipulate, so spammy websites can, undeservedly, rank higher on Google. 

But Google will work their mysterious (ranking) ways and take care of this.

Instead of just looking at numbers on Ahrefs, websites should be valued a bit differently. Here’s where you should look: 

  • Topical relevance is the one metric to rule them all. It’s the alpha and omega of link building. There is no defined way to measure this, so you’ll need to listen to your inner SEO voice. 
  • Is traffic increasing or decreasing over time? Does the trend look like a rollercoaster ride? If so, this is one ride you’ll want to miss.
  • Consider the ratio of inbound to outbound links to make sure that blogs you’re reaching out to aren’t spammy. If there are too many outbound links, we have bad news for you. 
  • High DR but subpar traffic? Suspish.
  • The top pages are spammy guest posts.
  • Anchor Cloud is filled with gambling, CBD, and vape keywords. 
  • How many ads are there? Are there any strange footer links?
  • Website design and topics. If they are too generic and general, it’s probably best to skip them. 

If a high-authority website simply isn’t a good fit when it comes to our client’s goals, we have no problem taking them off the outreach list. It’s all a part of the customizable outreach service we provide.

Link building service providers worth your time and money

We’ve shown you what you don’t need in your link building strategy. Now let’s see which services will make a huge difference.

1. Skale

Skale Homepage

Link building services with style. Skale is a white-hat wizard for link building and makes sure every link passes their strict quality standards. They provide links that lead your leads to the right place.

When Skale shows up, “write for us” websites write themselves off from indexing, spammy websites tremble, and link juice flows in the most impossible ways. They’re like a fountain of youth for reputable websites.

Skale is a household name in the world of SaaS link building. The team always fine-tunes their link building process, making sure there are no “filler” links in your backlink portfolio.

Skale doesn’t just stop at securing links — they’re committed to providing a comprehensive service and offer a detailed breakdown of how their links impact both your rankings and your sales and qualified leads. 

The team conducts regular analyses of link impact on SEO key performance indicators, leveraging both SEO and financial analysis to track and measure results. 

This results-driven approach allows Skale to deliver real, tangible outcomes and continually refine and optimize link building strategies for ongoing business success.

If you want links like Google intended them to be, Skale is your number one choice.

Ready for revenue-led link building?

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FATJOE Homepage

With FATJOE your chance of securing top SERP positions are far from slim. If you want to get penalized fast, you should probably reach out to their arch-enemy, Slim Shady, a blackhat SEO reseller. Just think of the equation for momentum: the higher the body mass, the better the velocity.

So you can imagine what FATJOE’s link building services can do for your link velocity.

Well known for their flexibility, scalability, and hands-off approach, FATJOE ensures quality link placements on hand-picked websites. 

Hiring FATJOE not only saves time and money, but also leverages their innovative processes, techniques, and tools. This enables SEO agencies and businesses of all sizes to expand their client base, grow their business, and achieve scalability — without the burden of increased overheads.

So if you’re looking for some fat returns, you know where to look.

3. Authority Builders

Authority Builders Homepage

Authority Builders helps all-sized businesses and SEO agencies with their link-building efforts. Their motto is, “If Google ranks them, Google likes them.”

They offer tiered pricing packages, so clients just need to pick their desired metrics, traffic, and niche, and Authority Builders put together a suitable package to do what their name promises they will. 

Authority builders work on link inserts, guest posting, and even local citations. Because link building is like real estate: it’s all about location, location, location.

They are proud of creating relevant placements on real websites that actually rank. What makes them unique is the fact they offer a 365-day money-back guarantee. 

So if you dislike their links retroactively, they’ll find you a better one, and make sure that your backlink portfolio is immaculate in the eyes of Google. Bad links can’t escape the authorities!

4. LinksThatRank

LinksThatRank homepage

Once a PBN ends up blacklisted by link building agency LinksThatRank, it might as well have the same sign as the entrance to hell in Dante’s Divine Comedy — “Abandon all hope, ye who enter.” 

There is no redemption or mercy for PBN and spammy websites, as you can always review their block list in detail. You would be amazed at how many of the links you consider “good” actually end up there.

LinksThatRank are very transparent about their services. Besides a strict blacklist policy they also:

  • Have their own link quality control, with every link needing to pass 23 criteria
  • Offer a minimum of 1,000 words of content, making sure that there is a balance between internal and external links
  • Know how to recognize toxic links from mile away… In fact, they built their own tool to help you get rid of toxic waste in your backlink portfolio

Be good and behave yourself online, or you will end up on their blacklist!

SEO shouldn’t just build traffic.

Skale’s SEO has generated 70,000+ signups for businesses like Happyscribe

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5. Love To Link

Love To Link Homepage

They sure do! Their in-house writers create link magic that search engines love. 

The Love To Link crew ensures that all their link placements find their forever home, with no risk of turning sponsored or spammy. 

They offer à la carte link building services and you can choose websites based on niche, metrics, organic traffic, and organic traffic location. Plus, they have transparent pricing. 

With Love To Link, you can get an amazing database of links to choose from and create your own link building roadmap for success. 

True to their name, they Love To Link, and they’ll make webmasters love linking to your website as well.

6. Get Me Links

Get Me Links Homepage

Sir, yes sir! Only some really good ones, sir! Get Me Links really understands that every business has different needs, so they offer tailored options for every size of business: 

  • Launch Pad: For new websites that need that initial push to reach stardom, and to help businesses with a strict budget to get new rankings while keeping their existing ones.
  • Growth Package: Once you pass the launchpad phase and you want more growth, you’ll need a bigger package.
  • Authority package: For future industry leaders and trailblazers.
  • Custom package: If you aren’t sure where your business fits in the competitive landscape.

Get Me Links will tailor your roadmap to SERP success.

7. Loganix

Loganix Homepage

The Loganix motto is No dirty little secrets or skeletons in our closet.’’ Skeletons aside, these guys really have a skeleton key to unlock brand new rankings. These experts, with over six years of experience, offer a transparent service and reliable delivery. That means no broken promises or broken links. 

With an intuitive dashboard, you can easily track orders, invoices, and live links—so you can tailor your backlink portfolio with a balanced number of guest posts, niche edits, and press releases. 

You can also compare their guest posts with premium guest posts, so you can pick the quality of links and content that works best for you.

Loganix offers the following services:

  • Authority links
  • Brand links
  • Guest posts
  • HARO links
  • Niche edits
  • Press releases

8. SERP Ninja


Everybody was link building… those links were fast as lightning. 

SERP Ninja combines both off-page and on-page powers to ninja-kick your brand to the top. Pricing for links varies depending on the difficulty of the niche you want to rank in. 

These ancient SERP masters craft their strategies carefully, remaining on the light side of SEO even when dealing with clients from the hardest niches, like gambling and crypto.

Their services include:

  • Niche edit backlinks: This is what SERP Ninja specializes in. It’s the base of their digital Shaolin temple. They use this tactic to tap into the most complicated markets and niches. 
  • Social signals: While ninjas are quiet as the night, SERP Ninja knows how to make your articles and links louder online to bring in more traction.
  • Any vertical or niche: SERP Ninja specializes in almost every industry vertical, including casinos and CBD products. Even those who think they’re late for the party in these niches can get a front row seat on SERP thanks to these guys.
  • Local citations: These aren’t an ancient relic of the past, and can be a great tool when used correctly. 

If you want to catch your competitors on Google by SERPrise, you know that these ninjas will sneak up on them — and they won’t notice it until it is too late…. and their positions are uSERPed.

In conclusion

Link building is a time-consuming process. You’ll sometimes struggle to see results and ROI, so you need to learn how to trust the process.

But in order to trust the process, you first need to trust your chosen link building provider. 

The vast majority of business owners have a bitter taste in their mouth from all the shady resellers out there. But the good news is that not everyone operates that way. 

Partner with trustworthy link building service providers with strict quality control for links and who will notify you every step of the process. 

Don’t get tricked by various graphs, strange metrics, and print screens with no context. Links are products like everything else — there are good ones, bad ones, and ugly ones. With Skale, you can rest assured that a decent provider is available to guide you every step of the way.

Learn more about our link-building services.

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How much should I pay for link building?

Here’s the most SEO answer ever — it depends. Determining how much you should pay for link building requires careful consideration of your budget, goals, and desired outcomes. Of course, it’s important to be realistic about your niche as well. If you are running an e-commerce business that sells cat products or you are an owner of crypto wallet software, your needs (and pricing) will vary. 

It’s always a good idea to do thorough research, learn the basics of link building, and consult with professionals who can provide tailored guidance based on your specific needs.

Is link building still effective?

Link building is still an integral part of any comprehensive SEO strategy. SEO is not dead and you still need links to rank.

It may require more effort and time compared to a few years ago, but investing in high-quality links will pay off by boosting your website’s authority and driving organic traffic.

What does a link builder do?

Link builders are like a Jack of all trades. They do research and craft new strategies and approaches to ensure that your links are (a)live and well.

In addition to securing new backlinks, a link builder regularly monitors your existing ones. They analyze metrics such as domain authority and anchor text distribution to assess the overall health of the link profile.

Link building is not for the fainthearted, as it requires creativity, strategic thinking, strong communication skills, and deep knowledge of SEO best practices. 

Their efforts improve organic visibility and drive targeted traffic to websites. The best link builders see a window of opportunity where others see only obstacles.

How much do backlinks cost?

When it comes to backlinks, the cost can vary greatly depending on several factors. We broke down all link costs and arrived at a price between $400 and $750 per placement, including writing and negotiation costs. 

It’s important to remember that while purchasing backlinks may seem like an easy way to boost your website’s rankings, it is not without risks. Google and other search engines have strict guidelines against buying or selling links, to avoid clear manipulation of Google’s algorithm.

Focus on building natural and organic backlinks by creating valuable content that others will want to share and link to. Create content that acts as a link magnet — and that webmasters will accept to have on their website.

The true value of a backlink lies not just in its cost, but also in its relevance and authority within your niche. So rather than focusing solely on how much they cost, prioritize high-quality links that will benefit your website’s SEO efforts in the long run.

Do backlinks improve SEO?

Many articles will try their best to convince you otherwise, but the truth is that backlinks will be relevant and integral to Google’s algorithm for a long long time. 

They are the best signals for ranking and are synonymous with a website’s authority. As long as you are on the right track and build them while respecting ethical practices, you’ll see tangible results. 

Where can I buy backlinks?

While buying backlinks may seem like a quick-fix solution, it’s far better—both ethically and practically—to invest time and effort into white hat SEO techniques that emphasize creating quality content and engaging genuinely with the online community.

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