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9 Best Technical SEO Agencies to Achieve SEO Excellence in 2024

9 Best Technical SEO Agencies to Achieve SEO Excellence in 2024
Jake Stainer
by Jake Stainer

Do your SEO efforts revolve around creating click-worthy meta titles, generating expert-led content, building topical authority, and optimizing internal linking? That’s a great start. These tactics will help you to drive clicks and revenue, but your work doesn’t end there.

To build an impactful SEO revenue engine, you need to lay solid groundwork with effective technical SEO. From technical audits to schema markup, performance optimization and much much more, a lot falls under the umbrella of technical SEO. 

With the right team on board, you can move fast, address technical issues, and lay a foundation for growth. To get you started, we’ve collated nine of the top technical SEO agencies that you can trust your website with. 

These were selected based on the following criteria:

  • Technical SEO Expertise – the ability to conduct comprehensive technical SEO audits to identify and resolve issues impacting search engine accessibility, crawlability and indexability.
  • Industry Experience – the companies on this list have specific industry expertise, which we have listed. You should look for an agency with experience in your niche, and request case studies or client testimonials showcasing successful technical SEO campaigns for companies in your industry.
  • Collaboration and Communication – these top technical SEO agencies maintain clear and regular communication, keeping you informed about the progress and performance of your campaigns, in-line with your business goals.
  • Measurable Business Results – any service needs a good track record of success, and these companies have demonstrated the best results from their technical SEO efforts.
Technical SEO AgencyTop ServicesPricingRating (Clutch)
SkaleTechnical SEO audits

SEO content management

SaaS SEO growth management

SEO Website Migrations

Link-building and outreach
From $4,000 per month5 Stars
Pearl LemonSearch engine marketing, link building, mobile SEO, technical SEO, web development & designProject-based4.8 Stars
SEOWorksTechnical SEO, Digital PR, LinkedIn advertising, Facebook advertising, web design servicesProject-based4.8 Stars
Asper BrothersWeb development, technical SEO, custom software development, mobile app developmentProject-based4.8 Stars
Salt.agencyTechnical SEO, SEO strategy, international SEO, specialist e-commerce SEO, technical content analysis and strategyCustom pricingNot available
OnelyTechnical SEO, Angular SEO, Google penalty recovery, JavaScript optimizationProject-based5 Stars
TuffTechnical SEO audit, project roadmap, Google Search Console setup, competitor analysis, SaaS keyword researchProject-based5 Stars
Vixen DigitalTechnical SEO, keyword research, link building, PPCCustom pricing5 Stars
MarkitorsTechnical SEO, small business SEO, digital PR, SEO content, local SEOCustom pricing4.9 Stars

1. Skale

Skale Homepage

Skale focuses on SEO as a driver of business revenue. And unlike other agencies, Skale puts an entire growth team at your disposal—including a dedicated Technical SEO Analyst—so you can maximize SEO impact and achieve your business goals. Skale also doesn’t focus on vanity metrics like ranking increases or bumps to page views. While these are helpful indicators, they don’t necessarily have an impact on real business KPIs. 

Instead, the team focuses on KPIs that have an impact on your business’s bottom line: like sales qualified leads (SQLs), product qualified leads (PQLs), qualified signups, and increases in business revenue

Skale’s team works to ensure you have robust technical SEO foundations in place. They offer technical, page speed, and internal linking audits, in addition to schema markup, site architecture improvements, migration support, and technical SEO implementation plans. 

This sets the stage for the rest of the team’s work: combining a bespoke SEO growth strategy with content creation, conversion rate optimization, link acquisition, and on-page SEO—all geared toward driving business revenue.

Skale’s technical offerings include:

  1. Website migration support: Skale offers full support during website migrations, from planning to staging, rollout and post-migration monitoring and support. They handle it all, including content migration, merging, technical audits and redirect mapping to make sure you hold onto your hard-won SEO gains.
  1. Fractional tech support: A great option for those with an existing in-house SEO team, this service covers regular checks, deep audits, and collaboration with your in-house development team to fix all issues preventing indexation and crawling.
  1. Technical audits and implementation plans: Skale offers deep technical audits and plans to prioritize technical SEO issues, so you’re clear on any quick wins, understand which issues have a high impact on SEO performance, and are clear on how these will be addressed.
  1. Page speed audits: Skale’s technical SEO team conducts page speed audits to ensure all site clusters have no issues with loading speed and nothing prevents rendering. This ensures your site passes muster against Google’s Core Web Vitals, so you can rank higher by providing a better user experience. 
  1. Internal linking audits and optimized site architecture: With an internal linking audit, and site structure improvements, you’ll be on track to increase clicks for target pages and content clusters, and build topical authority in your niche.
  1. Schema markup: Skale works with schema markup to help search engines understand your website content better. This also improves your chances of snagging featured snippets, which directly impact click-through rates.

Industries: SaaS, B2B, fintech, and tech brands

Clutch Rating: 5 Stars

Top services:

Recognizable clients: HubSpot, Usertesting, Personio, Appcues, TravelPerk, Flodesk, Recruitee, Attest

Cost: From $4,000 per month

Location: Fully remote

Best for: Turning SEO into a predictable channel for generating revenue 

“I brought on Skale to support Wealthimple’s ambitious customer acquisition goals. Within weeks of working together, they secured high-quality niche-specific links that moved the needle—not just in terms of rankings and traffic but also in terms of new customer acquisition and revenue. We’re now building a data-driven model to guide our decision-making, which is critical because resources are finite.

Skale is different from most agencies because they’re actually SEO experts and have worked in-house at other SaaS & tech brands. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to scale in the SEO space.”

— Padraig O’Connor, Growth Manager @ Wealthsimple

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2. Pearl Lemon

Pearl Lemon Technical SEO Landing Page

Pearl Lemon is an award-winning SEO agency offering technical SEO services, such as website migration, Google penalty removal, and in-depth technical audits. They also promise to help you improve your site architecture, and elimate duplicate content. 

With the support of technical SEO experts, the team at Pearl Lemon promises to nip your technical issues in the bud, and “Double Your Organic Traffic In 180 Days.”

What sets this agency apart? Instead of working through a generic technical checklist, they build bespoke technical SEO strategies for each client. And if you’d like to trial their offering, they offer a free site audit.

Industries: B2B services, consumer goods, fashion retail, media and entertainment, e-commerce

Top services: Backlink management, WordPress SEO, search engine marketing, local SEO, International SEO, link building, mobile SEO, technical SEO, web development, web design

Clutch Rating: 4.8 Stars

Recognizable Clients: ST Emilion Capital, EmergeOne, Selfie Booth, LoanPig, OAL 

Cost: Project-based

Location: London, UK

Best for: Increasing organic traffic in 180 days


“I’ve been working with the Pearl Lemon team for the last 3-4 months, primarily on our SEO. What I like most about them is their energy and determination to get things done – which is very unusual for an SEO team. Furthermore, the regular and robust nature of their reporting. We’ve been waiting to migrate our website over to a custom CMS for some time and in spite of this being delayed, I’m seeing our organic traffic grow steadily week on week, and keywords increase rapidly. Great work guys!”

— Amir Bormand, Co-Founder @ Elevano

3. SEOWorks

SEO Works Technical SEO Page

SEOWorks is a leading SEO agency that provides PPC, web, and SEO services. Their SEO offerings include organic SEO, technical SEO, digital PR, local SEO and content marketing. 

Following an initial in-depth assessment and SEO audit (which covers indexing and caching, crawlability, URL structure, location signals, tracking, and page speed) their technical specialists will identify fundamental issues or opportunities for improvement. They then provide recommendations and support on implementing these solutions. You’ll also have access to a dedicated account manager, who’ll provide you with regular updates and reports.

What differentiates SEOWorks? They offer international SEO and hreflang implementation for businesses that are expanding into international markets. They’ll review your technical SEO, and help you establish the right international signals for search engines. 

Industries: Automotive, B2B, e-commerce, education, healthcare, manufacturing, professional services

Clutch Rating: 4.8 Stars

Top services: Technical SEO, Digital PR, LinkedIn advertising, Facebook advertising, web design services, local SEO, international SEO

Recognizable slients: Decathlon, Harris, Peter Werth, Ancon, Hunters, Emis Health, Heart Research UK, Dotdigtial 

Cost: Project-based

Location: Sheffield, UK

Best for: International SEO


“I am impressed by their great communication and knowledge, didn’t have to give a huge brief about our company and the recommendations and copy changes suggested seemed to come from an expert!” — Mimi Richardson, Content Marketing Manager @Customs4trade

4. Asper Brothers

Asper Brothers Technical SEO Landing Page

Asper Brothers is a technical marketing agency that specializes in startups, with experience as a fintech SEO agency. What makes them stand out? They partner with their clients from initial concept, through product design, development, upscaling, and on to maintenance. 

As part of their technical offerings, Asper Brothers provide technical SEO services, including on-site optimization, JavaScript optimization, performance optimization, and Core Web Vitals optimization. They also offer various technical SEO audit packages: spanning from a basic audit to a complete audit. Their team conducts SEO performance analysis, and compiles a report complete with their technical recommendations and a plan to roll our changes. 

What makes them stand out? Their reports are manually created, uniquely structured and designed to be understood by all readers, even those without a technical background. Plus, given that Aspen Brothers specialize in building software, they bring expertise in understanding how websites and applications work. This takes their technical SEO analysis to a new level.  

Industries: Startups, AI, e-commerce, fintech, real estate, healthcare, education, video, HR, automotive, marketing, travel

Clutch Rating: 4.8 Stars

Top services: Web development, technical SEO, custom software development, mobile app development, UX/UI design, application management and support

Recognizable clients: Aviva, Xref, Altum AI, Exide, CaseMGR, iKalkulator, PayU, RapidID

Cost: Project-based

Location: Warszawa, Poland

Best for: JavaScript optimization 


“There are a lot of SEO agencies in the world, but very few have specialized in deep technical aspects of search engine optimization, especially websites using JavaScript. The Asper Brothers delivered exactly as promised and gave an actionable performance site audit to help us grow and improve our core web vital scores. Awesome team, thanks!” — Jonathan Miline, VP of Platform Growth @


Salt Agency Homepage is a specialist, performance marketing agency that focuses on increasing brand visibility for their clients. 

They are a top UK-based enterprise SEO agency, and offer technical SEO services, in addition to content analysis and strategy, SEO and demand gen, as well as mobile SEO, specialist, e-commerce SEO, international SEO, and Google penalty removal. 

What sets this agency apart? reviews your website using a 300+ point technical SEO framework to analyze all your technical issues. They also coined the term edge SEO: using a mix of technologies to find new and improved ways of achieving success. That’s why the team at invests in new technology and research to stay ahead of the game. 

Industries: Cloud and SaaS, fashion, transport, manufacturing, healthcare, retail and e-commerce, automotive

Top services: Technical SEO, SEO strategy, international SEO, specialist e-commerce SEO, enterprise local SEO, mobile SEO, organic traffic drop audits, technical content analysis and strategy

Clutch Rating: Not available

Recognizable clients: The Pen Company, Coralogix, Alluxio, The Spectator, Yorkshire Care Equipment, Innova Care Concepts

Cost: Custom-pricing

Location: Leeds, UK

Best for: Edge SEO 


“Working with Reza and the SALT team was a game changer for us. From a business perspective, our website inbounds more than doubled over a period of 6 months with relevant, highly targeted traffic. Reza and the team took the time to understand our very niche technical space to give us specific direction on web content, and the results speak for themselves. I’d recommend SALT to anyone looking for a real partner when it comes to SEO engagement – not to mention that the team is genuinely a pleasure to work with. I look forward to a continued partnership with Reza and the SALT team as long as I have SEO needs (which I’d imagine will be for a very long time).” — Ali LeClerc, Director of Marketing @Alluxio

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6. Onely

Onely Technical SEO Servives Landing Page

Onely specializes in comprehensive SEO audits to create a winning strategy for technical optimization. 

Their technical SEO team will analyze your website tech stack, conduct competitor’s analysis, review your site architecture, optimize your Core Web Vitals, and address any JavaScript issues. Plus, they’ll liaise directly with your engineering team.

After a technical audit, technical cleanup, site restructure (and redesign), their client Stratos Jets saw a 2,000% increase in overall SEO visibility and a 195% increase in website traffic.

Industries: e-commerce, retail, real estate, B2B services, marketing

Clutch Rating: 5 Stars

Top services: Technical SEO, core update recovery, OnPage SEO, crawl budget optimization, internal linking optimization, information architecture, structured data mobile, Angular SEO, EEAT SEO, Google penalty recovery, JavaScript optimization

Recognizable clients: IKEA, eBay Classified Groups,, LiveChat

Cost: Project-based

Location: Austin, TX, United States

Best for: Direct engagement with your engineering team

7. Tuff

Tuff Homepage

Tuff is a growth marketing agency that offers a range of services, from strategy to paid media and technical SEO. Tuff bills itself as highly collaborative, transparent, and data-driven and offers it’s SEO knowhow to both startups and established brands. 

As part of its holistic and data-driven SEO strategy, holistic works to target any technical issues on your site, offering structured data markup, heat map testing, site speed optimization, image optimization, backlink analysis, and more. 

What makes this technical SEO agency stand out? They’re dedicated to long-term, high-quality results instead of quick wins. 

Industries: Advertising and marketing, business services, consumer products and services, education, financial services, information technology, media

Clutch Rating: 5 Stars

Top services: Technical SEO audit, project roadmap, Google Search Console setup, site copy updates, image optimization, metadata optimization, competitor analysis, SaaS keyword research

Recognizable clients: Joyn, Renogy, Soona, Hustle, Teachable, Xendoo, Multiverse, Thnks

Cost: Project-based

Location: Denver, CO, United States

Best for: Long-term, data-driven strategies for growth


“I view our partnership with Tuff as more like an extension of my team. We strategize together, ask tough questions, examine the results, optimize – and it just keeps getting better. Exactly what I was looking for.” — Brad Veach, VP of Marketing @ Thnks

8. Vixen Digital

Vixen Digital Homepage

Vixen Digital is a dynamic digital marketing agency specializing in one thing: getting your brand found online through search. As part of its SEO offering, Vixen Digital offers technical SEO audits, backlink audits and gap analysis, and uncovers any other technical issues that are holding you back. 

One recent success story is how Vixen Digital helped IT support company Qlic increase web traffic by 400%, and student inquiries by 121.2% between April of 2021 and 2022. Their work began with a full technical audit, and addressed issues like domain health, URLs, site architecture and more, before moving to other aspects of SEO management, like onsite SEO link building services and SEO content creation services.

Industries: Business services, e-commerce, hospitality and leisure, information technology, manufacturing

Clutch Rating: 5 Stars

Top services: Technical SEO, ethical SEO, keyword research, link building, PPC

Recognizable clients: Lindt, Dressipi, EDF Energy, VisionDirect, Visit Brighton, Elucidat

Cost: Custom pricing

Location: Brighton, UK

Best for: Increasing web traffic


“Absolutely brilliant in supporting my digital marketing team in going from no SEO experience or exposure whatsoever to be able to grow an inbound pipeline. I would use them again and again.” — Caroline Allen, COO, Dressipi

9. Markitors

Markitors Technical SEO Service Landing Page

Markitors specializes in SEO marketing for small businesses. Like Tuff, they place emphasize on data-driven SEO strategies. 

Their power-packed team of SEO specialists delivers the full technical SEO package, from indexing to page speed, crawling, SSL, mobile usability, and site structure. 

What sets Markitors apart? They focus on growing small businesses via SEO, with case study examples from top-ranking small businesses in healthcare, SaaS, and advertising and marketing.

Industries: Healthcare, SaaS, e-commerce, education, financial services, advertising and marketing, consumer products and services

Clutch Rating: 4.9 Stars

Top services: Technical SEO, small business SEO, digital PR, SEO content, local SEO

Recognizable clients: Y Scouts, Go Clean Credit, One Heart, McFate Brewing, 

Cost: Custom pricing

Location: Scottsdale, AZ, United States

Best for: Technical SEO for small businesses


“Markitors has grown our website from 0 visits to just over 60,000 monthly visits. Their digital marketing services are very effective in growing your brand online.” — Brian Mohr, Co-founder @ Y Scouts

How to find the best technical SEO services

With an array of technical SEO agencies available, each boasting a revolutionary change in your search engine rankings, choosing one agency that stands out is challenging. Irrespective of whether you are a startup or an established company, you wouldn’t want to add another task to your already overflowing to-do list. 

Our take? Choose an agency that can align with your business goals, budget, and focuses on metrics relating to real business impact. 

Here are some valuable tips to help you make an informed choice:

Tip #1: Review case studies, testimonials and reviews

Reviews and testimonials turn claims into credibility. Scour their website for these, but be sure to check out third-party reviews too. Then, focus on going through their case studies to get a deeper understanding of the technical SEO services offered. Any reputable agency should be able to showcase their success stories. 

Tip #2 Set clear objectives 

The success of your technical SEO strategy depends upon what you aim to achieve. Are you looking to turn your SEO into an engine to increase brand revenue? Are you looking to address a specific set of issues? Are you looking to migrate domains without losing your rankings? These objectives may require a different approach, so get clear on this before vetting agencies to see which is best placed to fulfil your objectives.

Tip #3 Discuss their technical SEO strategies

Technical SEO talking points may sound similar, but they will have varied strategies to improve your website’s performance. Shortlist agencies emphasizing long-term and white-hat strategies that will impact real business metrics rather than those promising instant results and increases to vanity metrics like traffic and rankings.

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Choosing a reliable technical SEO company

If your current SEO strategy is not performing as expected, your site may lack the technical SEO foundations needed for your other efforts to bare fruit. 

Most of these agencies offer free consultation and assessments before you choose a tailored SEO package. Using our tips for finding the right SEO agency, research their offerings, and get in touch with those who you believe can make a difference to your bottom line. 

And if you’re ready to turn your SEO channel into a vehicle for growth? Get in touch to discuss how our technical SEO team can improve your site performance, and set you on a path to increasing your monthly revenue. Book a call.

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