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15 Top Content Creation Services 2024 – Reviews & Pricing

15 Top Content Creation Services 2024 – Reviews & Pricing
Jake Stainer
by Jake Stainer

Content is not just your website copy. It goes beyond those few enticing words on your homepage for would-be customers to purchase. Content is the secret weapon of your SEO efforts. 

This HubSpot survey concludes that 53% of companies experienced a higher ROI with inbound marketing. That includes SEO, blogging, social media, influencer marketing, and viral marketing. 

For your SEO strategy to gain any momentum, your company needs a well-rounded inbound marketing strategy with strong, relevant content at the helm. 

If you don’t have the time or the budget to waste figuring out your content strategy, hiring a content creation service is your solution. 

We’ve compiled this list of the best 15 content creation services to help you boost your SEO strategy, whether you need website content, social media posts, or a translation service to reach that wider audience. 

Let’s jump right in. 

1. Skale – Expert-Led SEO Content

Skale Homepage

Skale are masters of SEO. It was only natural for them to recently decide to include content creation services in their comprehensive SEO packages; they aim to provide their clients with every piece of a winning SEO strategy.  

Rather than encouraging their clients to source their content creation elsewhere, Skale looked within and found an eager and able team to handle the content creation for their clients’ SEO.

Do you need more content for your digital inbound marketing strategy? Skale is the company to go to. They’ll do a full content audit of your website with their experienced content SEO team, create the content to boost your website’s authority and build the backlinks for Google to recognize your brand’s relevancy in your niche. No need to find the rest of the puzzle elsewhere. 

So, what sets Skale apart? They prioritize expert-led and experience-informed SEO content that focuses on the user. With this formula, Skale creates content that ranks in the SERPs and ultimately drives pipeline and MRR.

Industries: SaaS, B2B, fintech, and tech brands

Top Services: Industry expert outreach, keyword research, SEO optimization, extensive topic research, leverages customer data and trends, blog and landing page content, competitor analysis

Recognizable Clients: HubSpot, Usertesting, Personio, Appcues. TravelPerk. Flodesk, Recruitee

Cost: From $4,000 USD / month

Best For: Expert-led SEO content

“Skale is a valuable SEO partner who’s helped us develop our strategy from the ground up. We now have a scalable SEO acquisition channel that’s been growing month over month in terms of traffic, clicks and sign-ups.

They are full of ideas for optimization and always ready to lend a hand. It’s been such a pleasure working with them as they have such a solid grasp on our brand and goals and have so much expertise to share.” — Sobrina Pies, Head of Marketing @ Flodesk

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2. Writing Studio

Writing Studio Homepage

Experience Writing Studio’s versatile content creation services designed to elevate your brand’s presence and drive results. 

Whether it’s engaging blog posts, informative articles, SEO-optimized content, professional ebooks, or persuasive product descriptions the team at Writing Studio is equipped to deliver content that resonates, engages, and performs. 

They transform ideas into compelling content, boosting your brand’s impact and audience engagement.

Industries: Various

Top Services: Blog content, Ebooks, product descriptions, technical content, web content, press releases, white papers

Recognizable Clients: HealthMatch, Balancer, PerfectKeto

Cost: From $0.15 USD / per word

Best For: Variety of content forms

“Working with the Writing Studio was a great experience. Philip is responsive and his team did a great job writing content that was relevant and backed by credible sources. Definitely keeping them in mind if we need more content down the road.” Austin Beals, Marketing Director @ Nanocraft Sciences

3. Foundation

Foundation Inc. Homepage

Foundation Inc. offers comprehensive B2B SaaS Content Creation Services tailored to your brand and competitive landscape. 

Their in-depth research guides the creation of engaging and unique content, including long-form pieces, thought leadership articles, and search-driven content. From landing page copy to white papers, they enhance your digital presence and boost conversions.

 With expertise in copywriting for various channels, blog writing, and white papers, they are able to help you become a thought leader in your industry. Trust them to create valuable content, from social media posts to video scripts, that drives results and builds your reputation.

Industries: Software companies, manufacturing companies, B2B

Top Services: Content strategy, content creation, content distribution 

Recognizable Clients: Canva, MailChimp, Ledge

Cost: Custom pricing 

Best For: Content distribution 

4. Lift Digital Marketing

Lift Digital Marketing Homepage

Increasing brand awareness relies on high-quality content. In the competitive world of digital marketing, standing out is crucial. Your brand identity sets you apart, making you more than just another face in the crowd. 

To reach new prospects and build trust with potential clients, you need compelling content. Lift Digital Marketing can help with content creation, enhancing your brand identity, and reminding potential customers why they should choose your business. Discover the importance of content marketing for your brand and digital strategy by contacting Lift Digital Marketing.

Industries: B2B, banking, lawyers, financial & investment planning, plumbing, roofing

Top Services: Blog and web page content, email marketing

Recognizable Clients: Cisco Systems, Automation Anywhere. Forcepoint 

Cost: Custom pricing

Best For: Email marketing content

5. RockContent 

Rock Content Homepage

Rock Content’s friendly team offers a range of content creation services to make your brand shine. It all starts with a solid content strategy, including keyword research and campaign planning. 

Their skilled writers craft catchy taglines, articles, and in-depth research reports. World-class designers create visually stunning content, from eBooks to logos. They also provide video experts, helping you convey your company’s story effectively. Plus, when it comes to your website, they match you with top designers and developers to create a remarkable web experience to boost your content game and leave a lasting impression.

Industries: Various

Top Services: Interactive content, writer access platform, optimized web hosting

Recognizable Clients: DHL. Sears, Tony Robbins

Cost: Custom pricing

Best For: Interactive content without code

“When managing a global brand such as DHL Express, brand consistency has always been important. Together with Ion Interactive, we’ve developed a set of DHL-specific templates that give us great flexibility, yet ensure consistency. Ion’s platform is a powerful tool for marketers in DHL, and we’ll be able to do things we’ve never done before.”Rolf Inge Holden, Global Marketing Specialist @ DHL

6. Single Grain

Single Grain Homepage

Single Grain, a leading content marketing agency, wields cutting-edge SEO techniques. Their skilled writers and designers craft high-ROI content that ranks well and converts effectively. Their content experts cover a wide spectrum, from blog posts to web3 content.

They collaborate with businesses of all sizes, using SEO best practices and tailored content strategies to boost search rankings, audience growth, and revenue.

Industries: Various 

Top Services: Content marketing strategy, keyword research, competitor analysis, message testing and optimization

Recognizable Clients: Uber, Lyft, 15five

Cost: Custom pricing

Best For: Data-driven content 

“Their expertise has helped Nextiva grow its brand and overall business. The Single Grain team has been instrumental in providing us with forward-thinking, growth-impacting marketing support. Their expertise has helped Nextiva grow its brand and overall business.” Yaniv Masjedi, CMO @ Nextiva

7. BlueFrontier

Blue Frontier Homepage

Unleash your brand’s potential with Blue Frontier’s content services. They’re experts in crafting captivating content that grabs attention and drives brand recognition. With meticulous planning and thorough research, they find the opportunities in your industry. 

From whitepapers to podcasts, they are known to create a well-structured content strategy. Plus, their in-house team covers Graphic Design, Animation, Photography, Copywriting, PPC, SEO, and Social Media for successful digital and offline marketing campaigns.

Industries: Government & councils, medical & health, B2B, public, education, finance, construction, hospitality & travel, food & drink

Top Services: Content strategy, content research, email marketing, graphic design, copywriting

Recognizable Clients: SecureTrust Bank, NHS, Atkins

Cost: Custom pricing

Best For: End-to-end content service

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8. The Brains

The Brains Homepage

Elevate your brand with The Brain’s content marketing agency services. Their specialists create impactful content that drives revenue and fosters demand. 

Their team helps you access your ideal audience, establish your brand as an industry thought leader, generate awareness, boost service consideration, and enhance conversion rates. They’re also known to improve SEO by strengthening your backlink profile. 

Their services cover content strategy, social media content production, lead magnets, digital PR, B2B marketing, and blog content creation. They’re ready to transform your brand.

Industries: SaaS, B2B, Ecom, finance, healthcare 

Top Services: Content marketing, social media content, content strategy, email marketing 

Recognizable Clients: Outfund, FraserHeart, Pictory

Cost: Custom pricing 

Best For: Social media content 

9. Green Flag Digital

Green Flag Digital Homepage

Green Flag Digital PR campaigns are guided by a thorough 15-step process, spanning industry research, topic selection, keyword matching, and content creation. 

Their expertise lies in crafting high-fidelity content that outshines competitors, requiring coordination among researchers, writers, designers, and marketers. Their focus on contemporary formats helps clients stand out and secure backlinks. They collaborate on top-of-funnel content strategies and pitch to bloggers and journalists to gain backlinks from some of the internet’s leading publications.

Industries: Various

Top Services: Content marketing, digital PR, link building, creative content

Recognizable Clients:, Coastal Creative, BucketListEvents

Cost: From $5,000 USD / month

Best For: Digital PR services 

“The content produced has been extremely well done and consistent throughout our engagement.” Peter Llizza, Strategy & Operations @

10. Content Vista

Content Vista Homepage

Content Vista offers a range of professional content writing services to bolster your online presence.

These services are tailored to attract, engage, and convert your target audience. Whether it’s crafting SEO-optimized blog posts, educating with expertly written eBooks, fostering social media communities, establishing thought leadership with articles, or enhancing website content and email copy, Content Vista ensures that your brand’s message resonates effectively in the digital landscape.

Industries: Various

Top Services: Blog writing services, social media content creation, copywriting & website content writing, ebook writing services

Recognizable Clients: United Better Homes, Maripili Studio, Folkenstal

Cost: $30 / post 

Best For: Flexible content packages

“Quick, detailed response to initial contact. He understood what I was looking for. This is the first time I’ve purchased content and I thought he did a good job with the information I provided.” Jen Rigley, Creator and Content Curator @ Flourishing Over Fifty

11. Outspoken Media

Outspoken Media Homepage

Outspoken Media specializes in comprehensive content creation services designed to enhance your online presence and boost organic traffic and conversions. 

Their offerings encompass various content development, editing, and optimization solutions, such as content briefs, informational and transactional content, optimized content design, metadata, image text, video briefs, link text, calls-to-action, and location listings. 

They also assist in developing content calendars, quality assurance checklists, editorial guidelines, workflows, and branded templates. Additionally, their content localization and translation services extend your reach across multiple languages and regions.

Industries: Various

Top Services: Content gap analysis, content creation, SEO audits, blogger outreach services

Recognizable Clients: Asics, Nascar, NBME

Cost: Custom pricing 

Best For: Customized internet marketing solutions

12. Godot

Godot Homepage

Elevate your online business with a professional article writer’s expertise. 

Godot provides skilled writers who craft engaging content, while their SEO-focused articles generate powerful backlinks. Their expert writers elevate website and magazine content quality with top-notch, cost-effective content. Trust in their professional article writing services to guarantee successful online efforts, delivering exceptional value for SEO and custom content needs.

Industries: Business, health, law, finance, marketing, technology, travel

Top Services: Blog content, Ebooks, business writing, product description, SEO content services

Recognizable Clients: ING, Sotheby’s, EZBob

Cost: From $1.3 USD / 100 words

Best For: Access to expert writers

“I was impressed with the results: thorough, solid research; and excellent writing (on a highly technical project that too..). It was perfect on the first pass – no grammatical issues and no edits required. Top-notch!” Kevin Aguanno, Multi-Media Publications Inc.

13. Obviously

Obviously Homepage

Unleash authentic influencer marketing content with Obviously. Their creators offer diverse creative capabilities—video, GIFs, photos, and illustrations. Paid amplification and strategic product placement are proven ways to drive brand awareness and you can benefit from a flexible suite of assets for a wider impact. 

Tap into the power of influencer-produced media to outperform traditional content and stand out in the SERPs. 

Industries: Various 

Top Services: Video content, GIFs, images, user-generated content

Recognizable Clients: Influencers who promoted: Tefal, Bumble, Lyft

Cost: Custom pricing

Best For: Influencer marketing 

“I thoroughly enjoy working with Obviously for so many reasons, but the most pertinent of all would be the professionalism in communication. The process of signing up for a project, getting accepted, receiving product, content creation through to publishing is seamless as a result of the quality communication from the team, throughout the whole project, every time.” Milly Bannister, @millyrosebannister

14. Lion Bridge

Lion Bridge Homepage

As an international agency, Lion Bridge can help craft content for global success. With in-market content creation teams, they ensure culturally relevant material is ready for translation or localization. 

Their technical content services cover everything—technical writing, eLearning, CAD modeling, and more. Additionally, their specialty content services offer expertise in financial reports, marketing documents, web content, and narrative services. 

They provide narrative design, storyboarding, and a range of resources for high-quality content, ensuring your message reaches the right audience effectively from the start.

Industries: Games, banking & finance, travel & hospitality, consumer packaged goods, technology, automotive, retail, luxury, legal services, industrial manufacturing, e-commerce

Top Services: technical writing, training & e-learning, multicultural marketing, digital experience assessments 

Cost: Custom pricing

Best For: Multicultural marketing 

15. TransPerfect

TransPerfect Homepage

TransPerfect is the perfect option if you wish to reach a global audience. Their dedicated content creation teams assist companies in developing high-quality content, training materials, e-learning, and videos that align with their messaging. 

They manage and create content to effectively convey your story, using their translation management system, GlobalLink, to streamline workflows. GlobalLink seamlessly integrates with various content and learning management systems. For all your content creation and translation needs, reach out to them for a quote.

Industries: Life sciences, retail & e-commerce, legal, travel & hospitality, technology, finance & banking, gaming, entertainment, digital marketing & advertising

Top Services: Translation management, training & digital learning, content authoring, video production

Recognizable Clients: Avon, DBB,

Cost: Custom pricing 

Best For: Translation services

How to find the best content creation service

Creating content is not just about writing 1000 words on a topic of choice. It’s about understanding your audience and their pain points and communicating solutions in a way that aptly represents your brand.

Here are three tips to help you find the best content creation service for your needs:

#1 Does the service have experience creating content in your niche?

If you’re a brand that sells financial risk assessment software you won’t get the best service from a company that’s niched in fashion, for example. Visit the website to see their previous clients and if they’re relevant to your brand. 

Scan through past projects and portfolios to see how the company has worked for brands similar to yours. 

#2 Is the service known to deliver great results?

Of course, you want the best! To know this for certain, scour the company’s website and social media profile for customer reviews and feedback. Even checking out Glassdoor to understand how employees are treated will give you an idea of how they operate internally. 

…Or check out these case studies

See the results of great content with Skale’s library of customer success stories

Read the stories

#3 Is the price too good to be true?

Don’t be dazzled by cheap prices. If this is your first time outsourcing you might feel the cheaper option is better as you’re “just testing”. Trust us, it’ll cost you more in time, money, and patience to clean up a content mess made by an average company. If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. 

Take your content to the next level, and your company along with it

Online content is the digital equivalent to stocking your product on a supermarket shelf. However, it is a bit more difficult to get seen, especially with all the competition showing up in one place—Google.

Hiring a content creation service will determine what keywords you should aim for, create a content strategy, provide writers to execute those ideas, implement link building strategies to boost rankings, and analyze results for future projects.  
Webpages, blogs, articles, whitepapers, social media posts, newsletters, ebooks, the list can go on. The content creation service you choose will advise you best on how to move forward. You can start by booking a call with Skale today to find out how they can become your partner in premium SEO content.

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