SaaS Experts Collective

Skale is looking for SaaS experts to lead the way on how the world does SaaS. If you’ve been in the B2B SaaS industry for a while, specifically in marketing or demand generation teams, we could be a perfect fit.

🚀 What is the SaaS Experts Collective? 

A hand-picked collection of like-minded individuals passionate about SaaS marketing

Join other great experts from companies like G2, Slack, Help Scout, Holded, Maze, and more.

🚀 Why be in the Experts Collective? 

We’re creating authentic, educational SaaS marketing/demand gen content you can feature in. This is the forefront of it all. With each article we feature you in, we’ll backlink to your profile, your business, or both. We will promote it through our different channels, and of course, get it ranking on top of the SERPs so you will have continuous exposure.

🚀 How does it work? 

  1. Fill out your details on the form below. 👇
  2. Once we’ve understood your area of expertise, we’ll reach out when we’re writing an article we think you’ll be able to lend advice on. 
  3. We’ll create the article and feature your quote or idea, crediting you. 
  4. We’ll publish the article and promote it.
  5. We continue to help each other grow and lead the way for future-thinking SaaS brands.

🚀 What’s the future for the SaaS Collective?

We’re working on it. Stay tuned 😉