Best 5 Remote SEO Jobs in 2024 [Full & Part Time]

Here at Skale, we’re constantly on the hunt for top talent to join our fast-growing team. We’re offering some of the most dynamic remote SEO jobs going. Your work is fast-paced, results-orientated, and peppered with a charming company culture. 

Our team of SEO specialists are from all over the world and the SEO jobs we have available at the moment are completely open to working remotely. Ready to find the perfect remote SEO job? Let’s get into it. 

Full Time & Part Time Flexible Remote SEO Jobs

We’re always on the hunt for these SEO specialist roles at Skale, so don’t worry if you think this article is out of date or not appropriate anymore. It will always be relevant! 

If you’re interested in a remote position with the SEO team, you can click through to the careers page underneath each role, where you can learn more about the SEO specifics we’re looking for. 

SEO Growth Strategist Remote Job

1. SEO Growth Strategist

Know your MRR and churn from your ARPA and LTV? If so, read on. 

Are you results-orientated and have a keen interest in strategizing growth? This SEO specialist role could be just for you. 

We’re looking for an SEO Growth Strategist to join our team of SEO experts and help Skale clients with various growth initiatives, create quarterly roadmaps, and ensure we’re hitting client SEO KPIs

As a Skale growth strategist, you’ll be responsible for account management, solving complex SEO problems, looking after the accounts of any 4-8 clients at a time, supporting online marketing campaigns related to SEO, and ensuring overall success. 

You’ll also need great data analysis skills to fulfill this SEO role, and project management experience is good!

Sound like the SEO strategist role for you?

2. SEO Content Specialist

SEO Content Specialist Remote Job

Are you passionate about quality content and at the same time know how to make it Google-friendly, with an SEO strategy in mind? This SEO specialist role needs the perfect blend of quality content appreciation and SEO technical skills to develop SEO content. 

As a Skale SEO Content Specialist, you’ll work with SEO Growth Strategists to hit client KPIs and execute SEO strategies for multiple clients. 

An ideal candidate understands client use cases and buyer personas. They’re also comfortable briefing writers and editing long-form articles, so they’re optimized for search. 

With this remote position, you’ll also need to be ready to write short-form copy that’s catchy and converts. Experience with Google Analytics, Ahrefs, GSC, GA, Surfer/ClearScope, and Google Sheets is a yes in our books. 

Sound like the perfect remote SEO job for you?

Technical SEO Remote Job

3. Technical SEO Analyst

Time to get technical! Ready to help SaaS companies thrive? 

A technical search engine optimization analyst with Skale will regularly be running tech and performance audits for various clients. This SEO role requires in-depth keyword research, website architecture recommendations, and overall ensuring that Skale client websites are technically sound—giving them the best chance to perform. 

This particular person will need to apply data and insights with SEO audits to what’s happening with our client websites and suggest ways to improve or capitalize on results. 

Dashboards are your best friend, and you’re a wiz with VWO & Google Optimize. If you have the necessary skills and this profile fits your profile, let us know!

SEO Link Building Manager

4. Link Building Manager

Have a good knowledge of link building and its importance? Have you managed people before? The next Skale Link Building SEO Manager will work alongside growth strategists to identify clients’ target pages and anchor links. 

They’ll manage 3-4 part-time link-building specialists to hit a monthly number of links. 

This role doesn’t require any prospecting; we’ve already got that in the bag. You’ll be supporting larger SEO campaigns. 

You will need to have a good overview of assigned accounts, key metrics, goals, and opportunities while ensuring that our database info on partner websites is always correct. 

Are you a fit for this remote SEO role?

5. Link Building Specialist

For this remote position, we’re looking for a link-building specialist who can work roughly 10-15 hours per week with the Skale team. This SEO role means you’ll be pitching posts to websites, and following up with anyone that’s a little slow to reply. 

You’ll also be briefing our incredible team of writers and assigning articles that are a good fit for different writers and their knowledge. You need a keen eye for details—checking anchor links are all correct before submitting the article, and it’s on brief. 

Plus, you don’t need any SEO knowledge to start this remote job with us! Although, that will soon change should you join us and start learning alongside the team. 

You’ll be a key player in comprehensive inbound marketing campaigns for Skale clients.

Sound like a fit for you and want to work remotely?

Remote SEO jobs FAQ

Why work at Skale?

Skale is a rapidly-growing SEO agency that’s going from strength to strength. All of our SEO jobs are fully remote; you’ll get 36 days of paid holiday per year, a €1,800 wellbeing budget per year, flexible remote working hours, and regular team-buildings online or in real life.

You’ll have the opportunity to work with some great clients, talented minds, and we plant a tree  for every link we create, so you’ll help make this world a greener place through the work you do every day. 

To learn more about life at Skale, check out our career page

Can SEO be done remotely?

Of course! You can work remotely if you have a stable wifi connection and fabulous communication skills. Remote SEO jobs are thriving, and SEOs have been practicing this ‘new’ way of working for years.

Is SEO a relevant career in 2024 and beyond?

For as advanced as technology gets in the future, SEO jobs will always be in demand to make the most of it. As Google and other search engines get smarter, so do we and the tactics we use. SEOs are completely necessary for sustainable business growth today and beyond. 

It’s a critical role to any SaaS marketing team.

Is SEO a stable industry?

Yes! The search engine optimization industry is budding with opportunities, and SEO roles are getting more diverse and creative than ever before. In the past, companies may have just been looking for an SEO specialist because they didn’t know any better. 

However, this has expanded to SEO Outreach Specialists, Technical SEOs, Content Specialists, Growth Strategists, Link Builders, and so much more. SEO is not one person’s job anymore; it’s an entire team! 

Today, many companies are choosing to outsource it rather than trying to manage it in-house.